Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walk in the Wild

Today little bear went for a walk out in the wild. Although there isn't a lot of snow here, little bear was well dressed for the weather. His first experience of snow was one of delight. It was easy to walk on, packed hard and he had a great time scampering along the top of it... for a while.

Then he discovered that not all snow is created equal and that appearances can be deceiving. Sunk up to his waist in snow, little bear needed some help to get back out on snowa-firma!

We too are often faced with situations or events or individuals who are not as they appear. Sometimes we think people are a certain way - and then we discover that they are not. Did they mislead us? Or are people (and snow) a complex reality that shifts and alters with the climate and with time? Nothing really ever stays the same. The snow that little bear walked so confidently on yesterday could, today, be soft. Snow alters. People alter. Places later. For us to try to hold onto them, is as if we try to hold onto the snow. Let it go... and be open for another experience later little bear!

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