Friday, August 31, 2018

Hornby Adventures - Tribune Bay

Well, hello again. Today we are at Tribune Bay which is a provincial park. It is... amazing! The back of the beach has a tonne of driftwood and Rose is already at work building another teepee...

The tide is wayyyyyy out there again.

But it is much more interesting than Whaling Station Bay...

Super neat piece of driftwood... looks like a llama with a fancy doo!

Otto and I wondered if Rose wanted help with her building project but she politely declined.

Alright then... what should we do, Otto?

Otto... being an otter... thought we should go down to the water... so let's go!

So we started hiking... and... it's a beary long way away...

Like... I feel like we are in a desert of sand... far away. But Otto is determined.

Along the way we spotted some jellyfish... orange jellyfish...

Which look kind of like space aliens.

Apparently they are called Lion's Mane jellyfish and they can get HUGE. And they sting... even when they're dead... so they are best avoided.

But they sure look weird.

Otto!! Are we there yet?? Not quite. Sigh...

But we're getting closer... that is one determined otter.

Yay!!! We made it!!!

Otto went for a quick dip but even he thought the water was a bit cold yet.

But when he came back, he pointed out the large sand dollar beds in the water. They look black when they are alive... and there was a lot of them.

See... that one is a live one.

But then we both got peckish and... omg... it's a long walk back to our base!

We batted our little stuffie eyelashes and got Mama to carry us back! Humans are useful sometimes you know.

After lunch (no photos - we were too hungry)... we explored along the beach.

Big tree roots...

And weirdly worn sandstone cliffs.

You can't see it too well but the rock is actually overhanging where we are sitting!

Apparently... these holes are caused by salt erosion. The salt from the ocean gets into the sandstone pores and when it dries out, it crystallizes and expands and breaks the individual sand grains away from their neighbours. Huh... fascinating.

We had some beautiful sunsets while we were there.

But the drive home was long... (not because Otto was driving)... but because we had to wait for over an hour for both of the ferries...

So we read...

When we finally got home... we had to repack Rose's gear quickly because she and Otto (and crew) had to fly home. She did get to say hello to our neighbour's cat, Felix. Haven't I introduced you to Felix? Ooops... another post! And yes... Rose is sunburnt on her cheeks!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hornby Adventures - Whaling Station Bay

OK... this is a photo that will likely come back to haunt Rose in a few years... she looks a bit "rough" in the mornings apparently!!!

Today we are at Whaling Station Bay... was there a whaling station here at one point? Apparently... back in the previous century... or maybe even earlier.

The tide is wwwwaaaaayyyyy out there!

When we finally made it to the water, we found some sea anemones...

And some crabs (big ones) hunkered down in the sand (alive - we checked) waiting for the tide to come back in.

Rose kept trying to convince everyone that the water was "warm" but... no one was buying it... not even Rose eventually!

This little left-over pool however was super warm!!

After quite a bit of building... Rose managed to construct a teepee... not bad, eh?

The tide had come in a bit but... still not "warm"!

Otto and I decided that if we're going to be hanging around a hot beach with no cooling off options in water then... we might as well head for ice cream!

Mmmm... ice cream... Do you think the sekrebearies are trying to increase their evaluation scores?

Back at camp... and there is a beach down below as well!

Otto decided to chill in camp for a bit... so I went down a seriously steep set of stairs to check out the beach.

Mmm... not so beachy... more rocky. But cool rocks.

They look kind of like dinosaur skin or something.

I think... that could be some mega fossilized piece of dinosaur hide!

Or maybe a dragon?

It's cool down here... but not really a beach... although there is sand around the corner.

Ummm... right... forgot... little bears that go down stairs also need to go back UP stairs!

But I made it! And then Otto, Pomegranate and I decided to roast some marshmallows over the propane fire.

They don't roast as well for some reason... much better over a wood fire but... at least the sekrebearies remembered to bring them.

Mmmmm... marshmallows...

And... I know... you probably want pictures of smores but... they were eaten far too quickly to get any pictures! Sorry!

Whew... what a day...

And what a view out of the back of the camper van... nice...