Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Day in Victoria

Oh wow... I slept good last night! Apparently we are in Victoria (again)! But this time for a few nights. Nice... I am ready for an adventure!

Oh wow... we sure found a nice place to stay with great views of the water.

There are some nice rock outcroppings where you can watch...

The float planes take off...

As soon as one is gone... here comes the next one...

I do have to say... they are further along in their flower situation than us!

 Oh... a turtle drain cover for Beanie Mouse!!!

There's a bit of a monument here which marks the original terminus station for the E&N Railway (that's Esquimault & Nanaimo Railway). Cool!

Err.... yes.... we were there over a month ago... that is a St. Patrick's Day festival in downtown Victoria... did I mention I'm behind on blog posts?

They had celtic dancers - little ones and big ones!

Something green? I need to wear something green??? Errr.... ummm... my socks are green! Hehheh!

We stopped in a few shops and... well... let's just say it was a fox-alooza bonanza! Little Fox would feel right at home. Fox statues...

Fox pillows...

More fox pillows....

And yes... MORE fox pillows! What a selection!

I had hoped the cherry blossoms might be going... and they are... but just starting.

It would need a few more weeks - maybe end of March or early April.... Reminds me of my Stuffie Tour to D.C. a few years ago with Stuffie Tour Guide Ajdin!

And then some beach time... cause everyone needs beach time!

It sure is nice here.

And there are signs for humans...

With canine translations as well! Droopy... is this accurate??


  1. What a most excellent drain cover!!!! COngratuations on finding it!!

  2. Hmmm...the translation to Dog-ese is close enough. It's probably a dialect I'm not familiar with...

    Question: Do you ever enjoy a nightcap when you're in your nightcap? :)

  3. That's a good looking sweater. Is it new?

  4. Great weather! All of that fox stuff, Little Fox would love it!