Thursday, March 8, 2018

Road Trip!

OMG! I got to go on an outing!!! Yay!!! Today, we went to Chemainus... I've never been here before, so this is pretty cool.

I am scoping out places for my future Stuffie Tour...

Hmmm... what does Chemainus have to offer? Oooh... "World Famous Murals"?!! That sounds cool.

Wow... this is a log roller guy...

And on the other side of the mural is a train! I know a certain stuffie who likes trains...

It looks like a steam engine? On rails on pilings over the water... cool.

It looks like these are historical murals. This one is of a steam donkey, I think it's called... hauling a log out of the bush.

Oh, I like this one!!!

It has another steam locomotive!

And there's some First Nations ones as well...

Huh... this is Mr. Moose.... he's a bit early for St. Patrick's Day but it's nice to know there is a welcoming stuffie here in town.

Another one about the mail... getting to the soldiers in WWI.

This one is all about coal mining...

I don't think that coal car counts as a "train"...

But maybe that little locomotive does?

These are really neat!

And another train!!

This one has a beary nice sailing ship...

Oh, I've seen this one on the internet!!

Beary impressive!

Wow, this is a big one... does it have a train in it though?

 Yes it does!!!

I like this one - nice colours with the arbutus trees.

There sure are a lot of murals here!

Cool... do you see the kitty in the window?

And the bear on the bicycle?

OK, I think there are more murals but... I am hungry!!!

To Be Continued...


  1. "Bear on Bicycle" would make a great title for a still life painting.

    Nice sweatshirt, by the way! Is it new?

    1. It would... I do still portraits beary well.

      Well, it's new to me... I got it last year.

  2. What great artwork! We think a Sandy mural would be a nice touch.

  3. The murals look so lifelike! Will you paint one?

    1. Ummm... I am many things... chef, gardener, hiker, handy-bear but... painter I am not!