Friday, February 16, 2018

Grand Adventures in London - Part 3

We're back in London!! And ready to take one of Beanie's world-famous London bus tours! We are catching Bus #11...

Phooie... no front seat up town... oh well!

 And.. we're off!!

 Beanie tied another of his cd creations onto the bus railing!

Oh hey, there's Beanie's favourite statue... right there, behind the tree... it's the cat chasing the gazelle...

Argh!!! Bus in the way!!

Sandy does NOT recommend GoldenTours... their buses photobomb BeanieTours!

 There's the backside of the palace... not have as nice as the front side...

And here's a wall with braille on it...

I'm seeing a lot of new stuff on this tour!

Now we're heading down towards Westminster Abbey. Neat!

 String Beanie likes the tour too... he's still new to this adventuring thing.

Now we're turning onto Whitehall! It's bucketing rain out there...

Do you think we'll see the Prime Minister??

There she is!! Or... maybe not... it's hard to tell! These buses sure go fast. But that was #10 Downing Street!

 And there's one of the Horse Guards!! Behind the guy with the big umbrella...

So glad I'm not in one of those open tour buses...

There's the Admiralty Arch!!

 And here's Trafalgar Square... this tour really does hit all the high points of London!

 We got spit out near Aldwych... and are on the hunt for food...

We landed at Byron's burgers... mmmm....

I'm starving!!

Beanie and crew had a burger with a fizzy drink... and I had a burger with a beer... burp.

Then it was off to Covent Garden... just around the corner...

Cause we have to visit Laduree!!

They do macaroons... like... seriously yummy ones!

Choices... choices...

After that, we said good-bye to Beanie and Crew and headed back to the hostel... time to pack up for the trip home...


  1. London bus tour! With Beanie and friends! And those famous burgers? And French Makkeroonies? You are such a lucky bear!

  2. You are a lucky bear. Pub food, drunk Fox is drooling on the screen as I type. I think Beanie needs to open a division of Stuffie Tours - London. He would get my business. Have a great trip home.

    1. I agree. I told Beanie that he would make a great tour guide!

  3. What a jam packed day! Is it time to go home already though?

    1. it is... sigh... only a week (5 full days really) in London... the time goes by soooo quickly!