Thursday, January 4, 2018

Beach Vacation - Day 2

Mrrfff... go'way... sleeping... grumble...

What's that? Beach day!!?? Phooie... it's probably bucketing rain...

Oooh... it's NOT raining!!! But it's probably going to rain later...

Oh... sunshine??? For the next week??? Wa-hey!!!

Let's go!

We're in Ucluelet... nice little town.

They have an eagle keeping a savvy lookout for salmon... mmm... salmon!

We are in a National Park... luckily, 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday so everyone who applied, got an annual park pass!! We're going to use ours... finally!

Eh? The 49th parallel? Out here?? I guess so... Ben must be liking all the French on these signs! You do about the 49th Parallel, right?

Well, from Manitoba/Minnesota to BC/Washington State, the 49th Parallel marks the border between Canada and the US (just over 2000 km or 1260 miles). East of Manitoba and on Vancouver Island, the border gets more confusing but... for most of its length, it looks like this...

Oh, here's another sign but... this one isn't in French... although I guess the pictogram says it all... I wonder if I'll find any more of Beanie Mouse's long-lost cousins who were swept off of Mouse Island by the Great Tsunami?

Hmmm... this one isn't in French either... No clean-up fairy on duty!! Hah! Maybe they could use a French translator for these signs?

Uh... there sure are a lot of signs in this National Park... wish Droopy or Little Fox were here with me to act as possible diplomats if required!

OK... another sign... Unpredictable Beach conditions... I won't even show you the sign that says "All Beaches are Unsupervised". In other words... stay out of trouble cause no one's going to rescue you!

Uh-huh.. dangerous currents... riptides... charming!

Are we there yet? Can we go to the beach yet?

Oh... I think we might be getting close...

Oh yes... definitely getting close... I can hear the waves...

Sure is a long walk... I hope the tide isn't too high...


Like... wow...

And it's warm here! At least +10C...

It is so gorgeous...

So beautiful...

OK... this may not be quite as good as a Mexico beach vacation but... it's not bad!!

Like... seriously not bad!


  1. That is a beautiful, tranquil-looking beach. Did you see any of my, uh, less domesticated cousins around? If you do, be careful!

    1. Nope... although we saw the prints... Is there like an Honourary Canine Membership card I could carry to present to them?

    2. I'll do some research on this.

  2. The sign on how to protect oneself from Droopy and mine less domesticated cousins should describe another way of protecting which involves feeding the wolves bacon. Everyone knows us canines like bacon and are easily placated by a slice or two.
    Cool trip, be care on that beach since it's not supervised.

    1. Ah yes... bacon... is turkey bacon OK? Or does it have to be piggy bacon?

    2. As long as it's not veggie bacon.

  3. Beautiful photos! Ben is indeed enjoying the French on the signs. We hope you had some nice hot chocolate packed with you!

  4. Wow, lots of warning signs. But you like to live on the edge, right?