Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Secret Mission

Hullo... Gramma is having a nap this afternoon and I am on a mission! We are looking for boughs for a Christmas hanging for her door... wish me luck!

A cemetery? Interesting place to look for boughs!

 OK... not the cemetery... but the slope below the cemetery! This looks a little steep - I better be careful otherwise I will be tobogganing to the bottom very quickly!

Oooohhhh... old man's beard!!! I can use this stuff!

For my 2018 Halloween costume!! Just you wait... but I need the brown version...

There is a green-grey version that isn't the right colour.

Oh look, there's the one remaining lumber mill in town...

There used to be at least 2 more... but they've all closed.

 By the way... I thought we were looking for boughs??? Where are they?

 Ah... here we go... there are some fir trees at the bottom of the hill.

 That's what we were looking for... some amabilis fir and some noble fir (I think).

The trail up is much better than the route we took down!

Nice winter sun...

And some horsies next to the cemetery... Hi, horsies!! I wonder if I could ride a horse if I joined the RCMP Musical Ride?


  1. So nice of you to take charge of the decorations for Gramma's door! It really does take a little bear to get such things done! Don't forget to take a photo of the door all decorated!

  2. Can we place an order for a door decoration. Does Sandy's decorating service ship to the US?