Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunrise Hike

Hullo! Today we got up super early (like, before the sun) and hiked up the mountain... Hmmm.... this looks like a pretty sedate hike.

Or not... I think I spoke too soon!

Mama took us off the main trail to follow a thin thread of a trail.

 There's the sun coming up!! Good morning sun!

 Oh... look!! It's a huge blueberry patch. I was wondering why we were taking this off-the-beaten-path trail... now I know!

Mmm.... blueberries... blueberry jam, and muffins and syrup and...

Wait... what do you mean it's too early? What?

Oh dear... they are still only tiny little flowers under those leaves. Sigh...

At least we get a nice view of the river from up here.

That's the new bridge - built in the mid 1970s. I'm not sure why people still call it the New Bridge cause... honestly... that's like eons ago!!

That bridge down there is the Old Bridge. It was built in 1925 (which is beary old). It used to be the largest curved wooden-plank bridge in North America but then they replaced the decking with steel grates. Phooie...

 And we're off... and found MORE blueberry bushes.

These are a tad farther along... they have a tiny bud of a berry... Maybe I should stay here with Gramma for a few months??

The oak ferns are doing well...

Some more hiking... and we are at a neat lookout over the city.

 We found a mountain bike trail and I was all ready to follow that but Mama said she knows a shortcut to the main trail...

Through there???

But there's no trail at all??!!

 But she dragged me along... through the blueberry bushes (nice) and the deadfall (not nice)...
 Are we lost?? I think we're lost!! This is crazy, leaving the main trail and...

Eh?? Look behind me???

Oh... heh-heh... there's the trail!

Thank goodness!! Civilization!

 That's a cute little bridge...

We took a few moments to bury some Rascal ashes at the bottom of the trail... and used the heart-shaped stone from the lake to mark the site. Rest in Peace little cat.

And we found another totem... this one is of a bear holding a salmon! Can you see me?

I wonder if he'll share??


  1. Did you get any pancakes with blueberry syrup after the sunrise hike?

  2. Some great hiking photos! We bet you worked up a good appetite!

  3. A great hike! But how early did you have to wake up to see the sunrise?

  4. @LF - no pancakes... sigh...
    @Jerry & Ben - thanks guys - I always have a good appetite!
    @Ajdin - ohhhh... something like 5:30 a.m. The mountains to the east means the sun rises a bit later...