Monday, June 19, 2017

Road Trip

Today is a glorious day and... we are going for a little road trip!

Where are we going? Well... we are heading west (and there's not much farther west we can go)... Have an idea of where we are going?

There's nothing between here and there... just lots of forests, mountains and river!

 Up ahead is one of Mama's favourite places along this highway.

 We got out and had a look around...

 Big trees....

And huge trees...

Uh... that's interesting...

Let's see if we can get a right-side up picture!

Hmmm... through the trees.  It's a shear rock face that looks a bit like a mini-Yosemite!

 Hmmm...  it would be cool to see a Kermode Bear...

Oh! There we go! isn't that impressive?

And a big glacial cirque up there...

A wide river (with lots and lots and lots of salmon!).

 Hulloooooo!!!! It's a black bear!!!!

There's a train...  back in the Middle Ages... the highway used to be much narrower and tucked up right against the railway tracks with many crossings of the tracks enroute. It was beary dangerous back then... but then they widened the highway so it's not quite so bad. Still... here is one level crossing along the way.

OK... I'm ready for this road trip to be over... Construction too???? Good grief!! I'm going to starve before we get there!

To be Continued


  1. Kermode, I always heard them referred to them as Spirit Bears. If you are on the Northern End of Vanc Island, my roommmate is sooooooooo jealous - said roommate has wanted to head up that way for years to see the bears.

    1. Not northern tip of VI... but that is on our bucket list too! Mind you... did see a bear on morning walk (this is back home)... sooo... don't have to go far afield!

  2. Beautiful! And a train! You are so lucky.