Friday, June 23, 2017

More Bears

Hullo... had a delicious lunch in Rupert and now off to explore a bit. Met some relatives...

And found this cool looking totem pole.

Let's see... oh hey! It's called the Grizzly Bear Pole!!

It's a recarve from the original pole that came from the Haida village of Yan on the QCI (now known as Haida Gwaii).
 So... from the bottom up... we have a Grizzly Bear, a supernatural Grizzly with frog in mouth, 2 bear cubs, bear mother and Grizzly with three skils (the rings on top). Cool!

There's a nice view of the harbour from up here as well... Haida Gwaii isn't that far away. One day I want to go there. Mama has been there many times and says it is beary beautiful. one day!

 Oh hey... snack time!!

I have such a cool Gramma who packs snacks all the time!

On the way home, we stopped at a little lake - cause it's pretty cool here.

There is a neat little boardwalk that goes through a muskeg area.


The bog has stunted ancient pine trees

It sure is pretty here though.

 Alright... back to the car and onwards.

We had another stop here... This is the estuary of the Mighty Skeena - one of the greatest salmon rivers. It sure is wide here! What a great day trip!


  1. The weather is amazing, they must have known you were coming and wanted sun vs. liquid sunshine.
    Sooooooo, I looked at a map and you are really far north. When I looked at a map of Haida Gwaii, it labeled it as a piece of water, is that right or is it an island?

  2. Well, one thing is clear: it's beary good to have a little bear along when you're traveling and hiking and looking for a good place to eat or to have coffee. What would the humans ever do without us? Probably get lost in the woods and starve!!

  3. We somehow missed the photo of Grandma and the snacks, what a great Grandma!

  4. Grandma gets an extra bear hug because of the snacks!

    Were you beary careful to avoid the poison ivy and poison oak?

  5. @LF - It was amazing weather. Normally it is all liquid sunshine in Rupert. Quite a ways north... Haida Gwaii is a series of islands. They used to be called the Queen Charlotte Islands. Graham Island is the main north one and then Moresby is the southern one. Some guides call them the Galapagos of the North Pacific. Well worth a visit!

    @Jerry & Ben - Yup... Gramma is big on snacks!

    @Ajdin - I will pass along the bear hugs! I don't think we get poison ivy or poison oak up there... devil's club, yes... and stinging nettle...