Sunday, June 4, 2017

Keeping Rose entertained

Whew... having Rose for a visit means a lot of activities! We kept her busy painting garden signs...

Broccoli (I don't think that is spelled right on those signs)... onion, leeks... those were the most recent plantings...

And then... we went to the lake!!! Now... this is the May long weekend... and it's been rather cold and rainy but... that doesn't stop Rose... no, it doesn't. She's trying to convince us it is warm but...

Even Otto (an otter!), dipped his paw in the lake and shivered... brrr!!!

There she goes... she must be a polar bear under that human skin!

I hear screaming... we can't look... is she alive or just shrieking at the water?

"It's warm!!!" Uh-huh... sure.

When her lips turned blue, we dragged her out and had a picnic lunch. Yum!! Leftover smokies, kale salad and potato salad. Beary good.


  1. Art projects? Swimming? Treats at the beach! So much fun!!!

  2. Water too cold for Otto? It must be cold. Rose looks like she has a bright future in art.

  3. "Bonjour Rose! J'espère que tu passes de bonnes vacances chez Sandy!" Ben a-t-il dit.

  4. Just got an email from the Grocery store and Copper River Salmon is in. Do you have any in your markets yet?

  5. @Jerry & Ben - I know... we have to show Rose a good time so she'll come back during her teen years!
    @Little Fox - Welll... Otto is a sea otter. So he says freshwater gives him hives or something... makes his skin all dry and itchy. And there's nothing worse than a stuffie with flaky skin. Ick.
    @Droopy - No kidding!
    @Jerry & Ben - Mais oui! Tres bonnes vacanes avec Sandy!!
    @Little Fox - Nope... but stay tuned... Gramma has her eye on a back woods deal.