Friday, May 26, 2017

Victoria Day BBQ

Well... Otto and I are ready for the BBQ... we still hope a few other stuffies might show up but... maybe my email should have had more advance warning?

That might mean there are more sausages for us!

How many sausages are there???

We count 10!!! That would be 5 for each of us... minus 4 for the humans... so that leaves us with 6... so 3 for each of us.

Oh... wait... maybe one for Spooky...

Hmmm... that still leaves a few for us!

Mmmm... fresh potato salad and grilled smokies!!

And a few extras... don't they look delicious?


  1. Sandy and Otto - I am so sad I missed the BBQ. Looks delicious. Was there any salmon at the party by chance??????

  2. Yummy! Wish we were there! Ben says "bonjour" to Rose! (He likes rose).

  3. Do you have leftovers? I'll be right over...

  4. @Little Fox - Nope, no salmon at the bbq... but I am keeping my claws crossed.
    @Jerry & Ben - Of course Ben likes Rose - they parlez la meme language!
    @Droopy - sorry, buddy... too bad we don't have transporters yet. Hey... maybe Ajdin can arrange that?
    @Ajdin - Leftovers??? With a bear and an otter??? None!