Friday, May 5, 2017

Spring Flower Hike

Hullo! I am out for a hike to find some spring flowers. Today... I've found some fawn lilies!! These were the weird variegated leaves I found a while ago.

I didn't know that they grew in this place... cool!

There are still a fair few daffodils around. It's neat how they grow wild here.

Some narcissuses (narcissi?) too. Apparently they are all part of the daffodil family.

There are some kinnikinnick here... they don't have any flowers (yet)... but it is also called Common Bearberry!

Some willow catkins... which I guess qualify as flowers.

And a few Salmonberries!

They look like raspberries but are a pale salmon colour.

The trails are still a bit mucky...

Aren't I getting better at balancing?

Oooh... murky! It has been a super wet spring.

A black banana slug...

 And some cute tiny blue flowers...

 The arbutus trees have some nice smooth bark...

And a neat place to hang out and watch the clouds sail by.

 I like spring... there is so much to see!


  1. That tree looks like a goodplace for a nap. Daffodils in May, those are my favorite flowers.