Thursday, April 20, 2017

Grampa Feeling Better

Beer Fest!!! Oh boy... I'd better study this and see what beers they are going to have on hand...

Mmmm... Dark Side of the Moon... Wolf Brewery....Yukon Red...

So many good options.... price includes 8 beer samplings AND Food... and you even get a commemorative glass... let me just study this for a while.

(Beer Bear Studies drag on... and on.... and on.) 

 Hmm... apparently you have to be 19 to get in there... so Mama and Grampa went without me... phooie!

But I got the commemorative glass!! It's a perfect size for bear drinks.


  1. Ah what a fun event. Perhaps next year you can attend? Grandpa looks like he is recovering well.

  2. PHOOIE!!! They could've snuck you in!!!

  3. Do they have a hot chocolate festival? So glad grampa is feeling better!

  4. Glad to hear Grandpa is doing better.

  5. Yay! Glad Grandpa is recovering! Give him lots of bear hugs! <3

  6. @Little Fox - I definitely want to attend. Maybe I need to grow a beard? And get some fake idea in a back alley deal?

    @Beanie - I know! That's what I said!

    @Jerry & Ben - there is a HC festival in Vancouver...

    @Droopy - thanks Droop!

    @Ajdin - will do!