Friday, April 7, 2017

A Relic of the War

We are back at the beach!

That's still the Olympic Peninsula over there... not as snowy today though.

There's a nice walk along here and lots of people.

There are even some hang-gliders... apparently they jump off the edge of the beach cliffs and soar on the wind. OK. Not for me though!

We'll just walk along the base of the beach cliffs!

There's some cool driftwood down here that would look great in the garden... but hard to get home.

 Oooohh... I wonder what that is?

Based on my adventures with Little Fox... I think this might be some World War 2 relic...

Maybe a searchlight thingie??

There's so much to do in Victoria!! But we are spending a fair bit of time with Grampa in the hospital... he'll be out soon!


  1. A searchlight thingie, is that a technical term? Glad to hear Grandpa is scheduled to be released from the hospital soon.

    1. Well, technically, it should be Searchlight Thingie but... we're not sticklers on capitalization. heheheh. Grandpa is doing much better... not quite ready to dance a jig but getting there.

    2. Capitalization? Ugh. I don't think wE teAch That in sChooLs in my CountrY :)

    3. nah... who needs capitals. isn't there some e.e. cummings person who never used them either?

  2. Thingie is a good technical term...we use it all the time. Give Grandpa lots of bear hugs!

    1. Thingie... must be a little bear term! Will pass along bear hugs!