Monday, January 9, 2017

On Thin Ice

It was such a gorgeous day today that we went for a bit of an outing... look at those mountains!

 Aren't they gorgeous?

We are off through the forest...

 I thought I might be able to go skating on some forest pools but... the ice looks a bit thin.

 A nice place to rest on top of this mountain.

 With a gorgeous view of the frozen lake!! Oooohh... maybe I could go skating there?

 A bit of persuasion and... here we are.

Hmm... poke, poke... I wonder if this is thick enough for a little bear?

Looks like it is... except...

 Heh-heh... it's beary slippery!! I haven't skated for 4 years or so... must be out of practice.

 I dared Mama to try it but she's a sensible type and said no. Don't blame her, it doesn't look that thick.

 But it sure is pretty here.

 I think I'll just sit here and soak up some sunshine for a while.

 After a while, we walked farther along the lake and saw this! Oy!

 I guess the ice is thicker here but... I don't know if I would be out there if I were a human...

 You can't see it from here, but the far end of the lake is ice free... silly people...


  1. Bears are much more sensible than people. If a bear falls through the ice, all the fur will prevent cold from settling in, but you'd miss the coffee and hot chocolate break, and that would never do!

    1. Nope - can't miss hot chocolate! Humans are beary silly sometimes.

    2. Yes, bears are much more sensible than people!

  2. Whew, at first when I read you post title I thought you were in trouble.

    1. Well... I could have been... but I am a beary sensible bear (most of the time).