Thursday, October 19, 2017

Raspberry Maintenance

Hullo! We had amazing raspberries this year but... it is time to thin out the old canes and tie up the new ones. This is a beary important job which I will supervise with care.

First.... you have to get rid of the old canes... this is a big pile!

You can tell the old canes because they are brown. The new canes, which we will live are pale green... they will be fruit-bearing next year.

The old canes are tied to the wire using plant ties... that all has to come off.

Alright humans... get going!

Right then... now we have a pile of old plant ties... and now we tie up the new canes!

One down... only another 100 or so to go!

See how much more open it is? The new canes will like the space next spring. Do you like raspberries?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Canadian Thanksgiving

Hullo! Chef Sandy here... we had Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend. We debated getting a turkey but...

... in the end, the carnivores won out!! (Of course we did!)

It's just a little turkey... and the yellow potatoes are ours....

We made a bunch of extra stuffing too... mmmm!!

There we go!! Turkey is ready! Are you drooling... oh wait... did I not put a drool warning on this blog post? Oops!

Oh well... drool away!

OK... mountain of dishes are done...

And I am stuffed!!! Time to chill and relax with Spooky!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Late Summer Camping - Part 2

... that tugboat sure is riding low. Don't you wonder how they stay afloat?

The sun is starting to set...

Aaannnddd... who let the dogs out?? (Arf Arf!)  Stetson is a beary (BEARY) demanding fetcher...

And he's off! Ivy is not much of a fetcher though... I'll just stay up on the railing I think.

 It's going to be a beautiful sunset...

And these Muskoka chairs sure are photogenic...

 Even more so when there is a bear in it!!

 The water has gotten beary calm and you can see the moon rising in the east... and it's reflection off in the water next to my head... It always looks so much bigger in real life!

The humans were seriously loving the Muskoka chairs...

Ooh... pretty clouds.

 What a beautiful spot... and I wish I could do that with my paws... but I can't.

Alright... enough photos already! This little bear is tired...

 I'm heading to bed...

 Night everyone... maybe I'll get to go camping again in the Fall! A bear can dream... zzz...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Late Summer Camping - Part 1

Soo... a few days ago... OK... a few weeks ago... OK... in early September! (Sheesh)... We went camping for a night. We went to a friend's place down by the water.

They have a huge property with a fixer-upper house on it...

They also have a couple of dogs... That's Stetson on the left and Ivy on the right...

Ivy looks friendly...  or is she just trying to get a taste of me to see if I'm edible?

Oooh... the ocean!!

 Heh-heh... on such a big property... you need an outside outhouse of course... with solar lighting too.

Vroom! Let's back this zodiac into the water and take it for a spin, shall we?

Huh... backing up a boat trailer is beary hard apparently... and I am not qualified for this... but it would be nice to go out on the boat.

I could hang over the edge and watch the salmon go by.

Or not... a bear can dream though.

Alright then... let's eat!

In a bit... first it's time to chill on the Muskoka chairs (Adirondack chairs in the US).

Such is a bear's life...

 Heh-heh... can you read that sign? "On this site in 1897, Nothing Happened"! hah!

So... are we fishing for dinner?

Catching salmon?

Maybe they're not running yet?

Sigh... no salmon... but a nice picnic spread with all sorts of options.


And a fresh beer... (hic)... cause (hic)... I'm camping!