Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Morning...

Christmas Morning!!! Do you know that I met Santa Claws just a few hours ago? And no... it wasn't a dream cause, look, there's his hat on the floor behind me!!! Santa Claws is REAL!

What do you mean that is your decorative Santa hat, Mama? No... Santa Claws is REAL! I met him!! We had biscotti and milk together!

See... look, all the biscotti is gone and the milk too!

And I can prove it too... cause I asked Santa for a beary special gift... and I know he got it for me!

Whoa... that is quite a beautiful tree... and look at all those presents for me!

First... we'll open the mail...

 I got a card from Little Fox - I hear he is getting almost as much snow as we are!

 And then a card from Beanie Mouse and Jelly Beanie...

 Finally, there was a package from Horst the Unicorn in Germany! I won a contest on Horst's Instagram page...

There's some Unicorn shower gel... I'll give that to Mama.

 And some Unicorn Ritter Sport!! I'll keep that for me!

 And then there's this package... it has a picture of Santa Claus on the front... so I know it's from Santa...

And... oooohh...

It's EXACTLY what I asked for!! Exactly!!! Seeeee... Santa Claws is real!

I'll just... umph... grunt... show... oof... you!

Ta-dah!!!! It's the latest Winter Gear outfit... I have been oggling this in the Little Bear Catalogue for weeks...

Isn't it fetching???

I LOVE it!!! (And Santa is REAL!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!



  2. Looking good, where do you shop? I love the Moose on your sweater - perfect for a Winters night up in Canada.

  3. I agree with Beanie, the hat is fantastic! :)

  4. What a beautiful tree! The new outfit looks really great and so appropriate for those cold Canadian nights, eh? (Ben says that you have to add "eh?" to the end of every sentence in Canadian.)

  5. Santa Claws is real, that's for sure! The new outfit looks terrific! I'm glad you got exactly what you wanted for Christmas!