Friday, November 25, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 4

Hello... today we are going for a little hike...

How did they know I was in the area? I why do people need warning??

Oh look!! It's a Shaggy-Mane mushroom... they are so cute.

Except when they get older and inky at the bottom.

But we found some young ones...

No idea what these are...

But this one looks like a Giant Puffball...

Gramma cut off the oogie bits... let's see what else we can find.

Ummm... bear poopies... and NOT mine! Keep an eye out...

Cute mushrooms but no idea what they are either.

Maybe Oyster mushrooms... maybe not... best to leave them alone then.

Hey... do you hear that? Sounds like an owl??

heh-heh... fooled you! Not a real owl... a tree owl!

There was quite a debate about these... are they Honey mushrooms or not. I like the name of them! Gramma wasn't sure. Mama was even less sure sooo... I won't get to taste them.

Back home... I can smell something... and it's not mushrooms... sniff sniff... it's.. it's...


Ooohhhh... a real salmon... yum.

Gramma's beary good at filleting and cooking salmon.

 And... voila... salmon with beans and tomatoes from Gramma's garden. I am such a lucky bear! I wish I could send some to Jerry & Ben....


  1. I, too, wonder how they knew you'd be in the area :) That salmon looks scrumptious!

  2. The salmon looks amazing, was it a back alley deal Grandma helped you with? Please say yes, please....

  3. YUM, what time will dinner be served?

  4. Bear poop.. yuck!

    Be careful of poisonous mushrooms! But you are an expert guide so you will be fine.