Thursday, October 27, 2016

London - Day 2 - Central London

Alrighty then! We're off for another adventures. We got spit out of the Tube at Westminster Station and there is... Big Ben!

Across the river, we looked at the London Eye. There was some discussion about going up it but Jelly Beanie (like his cousin Beanie Mouse) suffers from vertigo soooo... not going to happen!

Oh hey... here's Otto. Must have had a swim in the Thames... otters... what can you do.

Oooh... and there's Parliament. Little Fox wanted to go in and campaign for Stuffie Rights but we're on a tight timetable. Maybe next time.

There's those double-decker buses... so cool.

We walked down Whitehall taking plenty of rest breaks.

Jelly Beanie has short legs you know...

Mmmm.... pastry!!

At the end of Whitehall, we came to....

Trafalgar Square! That's Nelson up on the statue.

 There are these lions guarding the statue.

And a fountain. Hmmm... there goes Otto again.

Can you imagine... it's sunny in London!

We paid a quick visit to Canada House, which is on Trafalgar Square.

And then it was off through Admiralty Arch and along Pall Mall.

 to... Buckingham Palace. We had high hopes of meeting the Queen.

Or at least Prince William... but there was some big shindig going on in there with people arriving in fancy cars and horse drawn carriages. So... we were told "another time... oh... and make an appointment". Sigh.

There's a cool Memorial Walk for Diana... we didn't do it but the medallions are neat.

There's the palace...

The Guards were wearing regular uniforms... not their red ones with the bearskin hats. Good thing...


My goodness... Otto... seriously... you really love water don't you?

Enough of the Queen... we walked through St. James Park and found some birds. Little Fox was beary interested in these... This one looks like a goose of some sort...

And some pigeons. Did you know the English used to eat Pigeon Pie?

Oh hey!! Canada Geese. Hello! Do you know Jerry & Ben?

There are even some pelicans here... go figure.

Apparently this park has a long history of pelicans.

This place used to be where the park caretaker lived... It's super cute.

It has a cute garden as well...


  1. Wonderful photos!! You are having such a great adventure! Wish we were there!

  2. Thanks guys! It was a great time. Wish you could have come too.

  3. Drunk Fox: Great weather everyone. Who knew there were Canadian Geese in London as well. I thought they were only on North America.

    1. That surprised us as well... Maybe they were on a Canada Goose Airlines Tour?

  4. That is a beary cute cottage! I would like to live there! Great photos from a cool trip. You are doing great at your new tour guide job, Sandy.

    1. Thanks Ajdin! I am a beary tired stuffie tour guide!