Tuesday, October 25, 2016

London - Day 1 - Getting There

Hello there! Here's our grand trip to London... finally! It was me (Sandy Bear), Little Fox and Jelly Beanie, long lost cousin of Beanie Mouse. We started off with a ferry ride to Vancouver.

The weather was meh but... we did have a look at the city.

Jelly Beanie sure has big ears.

Sitting on a log at the beach was fun too.

Then it was off to meet the Sasquatch. Nope, not that Sasquatch... this one is a feline variety. Sassy (for short) has BIG paws with scads of extra toes.

Little Fox and Jelly Beanie were in awe...

Luckily Sassy is not much for playing with stuffies...

On our way to the bus, we saw this cool art piece. Meet the Wild Salmon Rider... hmm... didn't know salmon were particular to mice.

That's better... The Wild Salmon Riders!

And a SkyTrain ride. Little Fox noted that we had traveled by boat, bus and train at this point... with a plane soon to follow. What an adventure.

This is a cool sculpture in the International Departures area at YVR.

We all agreed that the boat needed some stuffies on it.

Once we were through security (nobody got frisked) we looked down on people arriving in Canada.

Little Fox was particularly interested in the far gallery... those people are going to the US!

Our area had a cool aquarium...

And lots of fountains...

Hmmm... there's a lot of money in some of these fountains.

***whisper... whisper... should we dive in... whisper... whisper...*** (followed by...) "Hey guys!"

Oh my goodness!!! It's Otto the Otter - he's coming along with us to London. Cool. (Maybe he can do some diving for coins?)

We're all here then. Although... Otto is pretty camera shy for some reason.

The three of us (Otto went swimming) decided to play chess... how come we ended up being pawns?? Good question.

 There's our plane!

And our seat. We're all ready to go. It was a lonnnnggg flight but... the back (where we were) was pretty empty so each of us got to have our own seat to stretch out.

Despite that... we were pretty bushed when we got to London. Night-night everyone!


  1. Drunk Fox here: My goodness you guys had a busy day and a surprise visit from Otto. Cool, I love how he decided to go swimming before the long plane ride, probably helped him sleep better in London.

    Such a metaphysical question about you three ending up as pawns in the game of chess. Was your mother the chessmaster directing the game from afar?

    1. Hmmm... good question. You know that Wizard's Chess thing at HP Studios... we're thinking we should have created a version called Stuffie Chess. Everyone would just sit down and have hot chocolate and cookies.

  2. Wonderful adventure! So much more fun to travel with friends.

    Jerry would like to know if there were mints on your pillow and, ahem, if you didn't eat them, he volunteers to take them off your hands.

    1. Good Question Jerry. Were there enough mints for all the stuffies?

    2. If there are no mints on the pillows, we always mark a tick on our seKretary evaluations...

    3. Definitely no mints on pillows... but we did get a fair bit of hot chocolate on the trip...