Monday, September 19, 2016

West Coast Beaches - Part 2

Groan... ugh... OK... sleeping in the back of the truck was NOT a good idea! Yes, it was an adventure and YES, adventure is my middle name but... it rained as well and the windows had be open a bit and a bit of rain got in and... well... let's just say, next time, I will put my little bear foot down and veto crazy ideas!

 Anyhow... this morning we are going to another beach... this one is called Mystic Beach and it is a bit of a hike... and the morning mist does make it look.. .well... Mystical!

 These are second-growth trees... the original ones were logged decades ago. Trees grow fast out here!

 This trail is interesting because it has a suspension bridge!!! People pay big money to go across Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver and... this one is free!!

Any dizzy stuffies out there? I know a certain mouse who might squeak a bit at the notion of this!

You can see right through!

 There are neat boardwalks too...

And finally... the beach!!!

 People like to make little inukshuks here apparently.

There is a waterfall too... but it was just a trickle...

 The sandstone cliffs are undercut in places which means you can find some shelter from the rain...

 And at the other side of the beach...

A cove with MORE inukshuks... tonnes more!

 Spot the bear??

 It's cool!

 And, because it's low tide, there is an arch that is exposed which leads to....

A hollowed out cave!

Neat... you wouldn't want to be caught in here when the tide is rising though!

This beach is the start of the Juan de Fuca trail, a 47 km trail that heads north to Port Renfrew along the coast. It's sort of like the Pacific Rim Trail (or West Coast Trail) but newer and not as frequented. It's also easier to do short segments... maybe one day...

 OK... time to head back... carry me???

 One more stop at the suspension bridge...


One last stop before we head home... a place called Juan de Fuca River... there's a tiny campground here with a river nearby...

I think we should come here and camp... just well-equipped... with more than the back of the truck...


  1. Back of the truck camping in the rain, wow you are an adventurer. Was there a Timmy's nearby to make up for the rain in the middle of the night?

    I just checked out the Capilano bridge price. Ouch, $39.95 for a visit, luckily for BC residents you get a year pass for $39.95 while us non-BC residents have to pay the same price for one visit.

    1. No Timmies nearby... not a single one! This was really out in the boonies. $40 for Capilano!!! Holy mackeral... There is one up near Campbell River that is just as good but is free. Hmph.

  2. I like your flipped-up hat at the beginning of the post. My human has been on the Capilano Suspension Bridge a couple of times--next time I'll ask her to bring me along for a photo op!

    1. Next time you'll have to give me a heads-up and we could have a stuffie reunion... not that we've met so it's not a "reunion" but... you know what I mean.

  3. NO no no no no no no no no I AIN'T doing THAT bridge!!! On no no no no no no no no no.....!!!

    1. I didn't think so... wait a few days and there's another post from the one up at Campbell River... it was even longer and farther down and way scarier!

  4. What a fun hike! Those trees and bridges are beary amazing. Convince your seKretaries next time (use those sad bear eyes...never fails) to stay at a cute hotel or bed and breakfast with soft beds, a fireplace, and free hot chocolate!

    1. WEll, I do too but... all the good places were taken already. Oh well... I've got plans...

  5. Sandy, you look a bit flustered. I think you deserve a night's rest in a luxurious hotel with room service. Order some salmon also.

    1. So true... can you imagine, getting squished and almost smothered by a couple of humans in a tight space like that. It was horrible... just horrible. Never again!