Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mystery Trip

Errr... hello... hmmm... I'm a bit confused. I went to bed last night, moping a bit cause Jerry and Ben are gone. I had this weird dream of being tucked in a backpack and all this jostling... Now, when I've woken up, I'm here!! Do you know where "here" is??

I see pictures of seashells... so we must still be relatively close to home.

Oooohhh... it's just getting light outside... and Mama says it's only 5:10 am (ugh).

Hey!!! We're on the water!! We are on a ferry... ooohh...

I wonder where we're going so early... so beary bear early... I think it might be time for a nap...

Uh... OK... woke up again and... now we're at the airport!!

I didn't get to pack for this trip so I'm guessing we're going somewhere warm. Maybe California? Arizona? Bali?? Greece?

 Are you getting this disjointed feeling?? I keep falling asleep and waking up in weird places! OK... let's see. Mama's not telling me anything... She says Sherlock Sandy can figure this out. Sigh... the burden of fame!

Let's see... a rapid transit system... and the map is in English... so we're clearly nowhere exotic. Looks like a city...

 Wait a minute!!! University of Manitoba??? That's in... Winterpeg!!! I'm going to freeze!!! (little bear wail tears the air causing several passersby to jump and scamper for cover). Now... Mama says it is July in Winterpeg which means it is warm... uh-huh... we'll see about that.

We are on an adventure to see what we can find... Hey...

That's a pretty cool mural...

This one has been all mucked up by graffiti... hmph....


And now we're going down here... Hmmm... I have to say, Winnipeg is rather a gritty city... kind of run-down around the edges.

But that sketchy back alley road led to this... a pathway! Cool... We're going for a hike.

Interesting plants... this is wormwood... It's supposed to keep deer away from gardens. I wonder if we should plant some around the edge of our property to keep the deer away. Although... with our new fence on the one side, things should be better!

 Hey!! There's a river over there!! Mama says it's the Red River which flows all the way from South Dakota up north to Hudson's Bay... cool... I wonder if it's really red?

Uh... trying to get to the river... and no success... the bush here is pretty thick. Mama says it's also a bit dangerous... Huh?

I don't see anything dangerous out there...

Is this just a tactic to keep a little bear from scampering away??

 Maybe not... Mama just showed me the stinging nettles that grow in the bush... wouldn't want to get stung by  that!

 She also says there could be poison ivy or poison oak or... hmmm...

 Sigh... maybe I'll just stay on the trail. So close to the river... and yet so far!

 But there's still lots to see... oh hey!! A cable box!!! With a picture on it. Beanie Mouse takes really cool pictures of cable boxes in Brighton, England... Maybe he wants to add this one to his collection?

Uh... maybe not... I don't think Canadian graffiti artists are as accomplished as the British ones. Maybe some Brits want to Brexit over here and help get our graffiti scene more up and coming?

Alright... after all that... we are faced by...

A flooded pathway! We see to be on a mission though...

Mama says we are headed to somewhere called The Forks... I wonder if I can eat something there? There's a detour here... I hope it's not that much farther. My little bear feet are getting tired!


  1. Winterpeg again? Didn't you just go there a couple of weeks ago? Was Winterpeg the only city you could use your Air Canada frequent flyer miles?

    I bet you will have lots of fun. I google the forks can't wait to see your post. Did Mama bring the green winter jacket?