Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rain Weekend - Part 1

Oh dear, oh dear... this past weekend was supposed to be the Great Garden Tour but... it bucketed rain! What are we going to do?? Only Sylvester is dressed for rain...

 Jerry - "Me thinks this calls for a movie day!"

Ben - "Ooooh... or the Cooking Channel!"

Or maybe the Hiking Network!

Sylvester - "I like the idea of a movie!"

Alrighty then... a movie it is...  let's see...

Disney's Bears?? Good audience scores...

Or maybe Brother Bear?? Except it got horrible critic reviews...

Oooh... Country Bears... except abominable scores across the board.

Maybe The Fox and Hound?? Little Fox would like that... except he's not here... Droopy would probably approve too!

Or how about The Great Mouse Detective in honour of Beanie Mouse?? And Sherlock Sandy & Ben Watson of course...

My goodness... finding a movie four little bears can agree on is an exercise in patience but then... finally... we saw it... The Peanuts Movie!!! Yes!

Ben - "Wait!!! We're missing something..."
Sigh... there's always one in every crowd...

Ben - "no movie would be complete without popcorn!"

Ben - "I just need a bit of help figuring out your microwave..."

Ben - "Really... 3:20... that seems awfully long..."

Ben - "I hope it doesn't burn..."

Ben - "ooooh... perfect!"

Hurry up Ben!!

Yay... popcorn and a movie (or several)... perfect rain day activity for little bears!


  1. It can be beary difficult to decide on a movie with so many interests at stake. The popcorn was a good decision!

    1. Great movie choices - I am partial to anything with a fox in it:
      *Disney's Robin Hood
      *Agent Fox", The spy cant' be outfoxed"

    2. Zootopia is available starting today On Demand!

    3. The Fox and the Hound is indeed one of our favorites as well. We also like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

      Little Fox--How about Fantastic Mr. Fox? We haven't seen it ourselves...

  2. I'm going to have to put that one on my short list for rental. Buttons and I are due for a movie night, bears choice, not humans. Popcorn, mmmm, we haven't had any popcorn for almost 10 months. :( Makes for unhappy bears, but since mom still can't have it, it would be cruel to smell up the house with the heavenly aroma. Hope you get some nice days so that you can get that garden tour in soon.

    1. Thanks Scruffy! We are hoping for a break in the weather soon. That must be horrible... no popcorn...

  3. HALLO EVRYWUN!!! Dat looks like fun. I bet yu ar awl havin grayte chatting an grayte froliks! THANK YU Ben and Jerry for yor postcard! I luv gettin mail from yu guys! Yor littol pawtraytes always mayke my Mummy smile! SANDY I hope yu had tons of that popcorn.
    I hav a rayne coat and hat the sayme culler as Sylvester's!
    Bob T Bear (esq)

    1. Thanks Bob!! We had great fun although... it seemed like Jerry got the grizzly bear's portion of the popcorn!

  4. Papa: so much fun! It's always better to watch a fun movie with friends (and treats are beary nice)!!

    1. Well... it would have been nice to eat those honey-roasted peanuts with the Peanuts movie but... someone ate them!