Thursday, May 12, 2016

Grand Adventure - Day 4

Due to Bears on Strike, photos are in short supply... more details to follow!

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It all started off so well. We left sunny, warm Vancouver on a WestJet flight, bound for Winnipeg.

We had to share a seat... but that wasn't too bad. And... actually... after our marathon garden adventures the day before, we pretty much slept the whole flight. That's when things went off the rails...

We arrived in Winnipeg in the evening and had high hopes for the next few days. After all, it had been 29C in Winnipeg on the day we arrived!! But... when we woke up, it was only 10C and raining... It's really hard to say who started it... me, Jerry or Ben... but... we voted to Strike!!! No photos. No interviews. Nothing. We hid under the covers and refused to come out until it warmed up.

It didn't warm up. By the time we left, it was -2C!! And flurries were threatening Winnipeg. You know how those celebrities avoid the paparazzi? That was us... No photos!

Mama had high hopes that we could be enticed out by a visit to her bee-keeper friend but it turned out that his hives had had a beary bad winter and were pretty much wiped out. Jerry dug deeper under the covers. Ben turned his back on the world. I peeked out to talk to Mama and said "NO! We are not coming out. Winnipeg... Schmegipeg...!! We want to go back to Vancouver." Yup... it was pretty bad...


  1. Papa: Bears on strike? Uh oh, I hope Jerry and Ben are behaving!

  2. Bears on strike seems like a headline ripped from the stuffy network news.

  3. Bears on Strike? Uh-oh. What happened??...

  4. Well... let's just say... Winterpeg lived up to its name...

  5. That's nice you can all fit in one seat. 3 tickets for the price of one.

    1. Yeah... and we got to watch Winnie the Pooh!