Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chef Ben makes Shish kabobs

Hullo! We are back at my place after an uneventful (i.e. boring) ferry ride from Vancouver. No whales. No s'mores. Sigh... but... well, this evening, I am handing the mike over to Chef Ben because he has a special treat in store for us!


Ah-hem... Ben here... yes, we do have a special treat tonight. I am going to break-in Sandy's new BBQ! It's called Master Chef which makes it beary appropriate as I am Chef Ben... chef extrordinaire!! (Cheers from Sandy and Jerry!)

Before we begin, I would like to assure our viewers that we are going to get a tour of Sandy's amazing garden soon. Sylvester, cub reporter for Bears Lairs Magazine, is on another assignment but should be back in a day or two. We did... however... notice one addition to the garden. You see the rhodo bush off on the left - with the big pink blossoms?

There's a robin's nest in there!! And the mama robin is sitting on there very intently...

Jerry would also like to point out Sandy's potted plants on the deck. Those are beary healthy looking pansies!

Anyhow... on to our special treat. Today we are cooking chicken shish kabobs...

They aren't all that hard to make... just marinate the cut up chicken breasts for 24 hours (or longer) (soy sauce, olive oil, mustard, seasoning), as well as some cut up veggies (peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes). Put them all on skewers and...

Voila... chicken shish kabobs!

The trick with them is to keep the heat at medium and make sure you turn them every minute or two and then put the lid down on them again.

Simple... yes?

"They smell deeeelicious!!" said Jerry!

We have two eager tasters for tonight's dinner...

 Hmmm... let's see....

I think they are ready!!

That's it... take them off the BBQ, everyone gets a skewer's worth on their plate and...

Usually there are leftovers but... not sure we'll have any tonight. **** drool... munch....****

Chef Ben signing off!


  1. And after you polish off the shish kebabs, you can use the skewers again, for roasting marshmallows!

    1. Good call Droopy. Perhaps you could wrsp the kebabs in bacon as well?

    2. ...

      (At first I thought you meant to wrap the marshmallows in bacon. --Which might not be a bad idea either, actually)

    3. Mmmm... bacon wrapped marshmallows. A new take on s'mores? I think bacon wrapped scallops would be amazing too.

    4. Bacon wrapped scallops are soooooo good.

    5. Bacon-wrapped Anything is good - have you tried bacon-wrapped dates (the big fat juicy ones)? Baked in the oven... Mmmm....

    6. Just don't use the word b.a.c.o.n around a certain pig who lives in the Netherlands....

  2. Papa: yum, those look great. Are you surrreeeee you can't smuggle some in your luggage? SeKretaries get hungry too!

    1. We could definitely try that although... given the length of the journey... I'm not sure they would survive the trip uneaten!

    2. Very true. Jerry would have them eaten during the first 20 minutes of the flight...