Friday, April 29, 2016

Update on Sandy's Adventures

Regular followers of Sandy will likely know that the went to visit Ajdin in DC back in March for the Cherry Blossom Tour... (it was AWESOME!)

After that, Sandy said Au Revoir to Ajdin and Crew and stopped off to see Jerry and Ben, with whom he's been having a few adventures!

Sandy arrived at Jerry & Ben's last week (only last week?)...

... co-starred on an episode of Jerry's Corner...

... and got to bake (but not necessarily eat) some chocolate chip cookies!

From Jerry & Ben's blog... (that's Jake on the far left)
Now... we are all anxiously awaiting Sandy's return... not least of all, Sylvester Bear, Cub Reporter for Bears Lairs magazine who's eagerly wanting to do a profile on Sandy's garden... stay tuned... we'll distract Sylvester with Before photos of the garden...


  1. Ben made an extra batch, after the mad cookie thief made off with some, so every bear had his fill!

    1. Poor Ben - he has an unenviable job right now... trying to keep 4 bears, 1 dog and a couple of humans well-supplied with cookies! Sounds like he needs a holiday.

    2. Oh, well Ben does like to bake, so it's not a problem. Of course, having a co-bakers is even better!

    3. Does Ben do dishes as well or do you paw that job off to a sekrebeary?