Friday, April 22, 2016

A Surprise Visitor

***Editor's Note - Sandy is off visiting Jerry & Ben but... we bring you this guest post courtesy of Sylvester Bear who showed up on the doorstep a few days ago.***

Hullo... is this where Sandy Alexander Mackenzie Bear lives??

I thought so!! My name is Sylvester Bear and I am a 5th cousin twice removed of Sandy's.

I know I look different than Sandy but... I am a certified Bearista Bear and...

A gardening expert! I'm doing a report on stuffie gardens for Bears Lairs Magazine. (That's my reporter card tucked into my ear). Have you heard of it? No? Well, it's for all stuffies really, although I guess bears would appreciate it more. I'm in the garden section and...

I was pretty sure this was Sandy's house because of the pretty flowers outside. Both of our lineages have bear green claw thumbs...

Errr... you mean Sandy's not home? Hmmm... well, maybe I could stay for a few days and see if he comes back soon. I'd really like to interview him... In the meantime, I'm feeling rather.. er... famished from my journey. You wouldn't happen to have a spot of honey around, would you?

Oh, excellent!!!

Oh and look, Sandy sent a beary nice postcard from his trip.

I think I'll have a wee nap now... maybe I'll have a look at Sandy's garden when I wake u.... zzz zzz zzz

***Editor's Postscript - Sandy, get your little behind back here!***


  1. That is a beary nice outfit! Hopefully, Sylvester Bear can wait around until the visitors on Canadian Goose Airlines arrive back at your house...

    1. Nice to meet you, Sylvester. So when can we expect your column out in print?...

    2. @Jerry & Ben - Sylvester says he has some editorial deadlines that he is working on from other projects, so I think he is good to just hang out for a while.

      @Droopy - it's an online magazine for the Discriminating Stuffie.

  2. Looks like Sylvester is dressed for his visit to the wet, oh I mean West Coast. I need to renew my subscription to Bear's Lair Magazine, they do a great column on what wine and beer to enjoy after a long hike.

  3. Lovely raincoat! Do you carry that flower with you all the time? Y'know, to attract bees?

    1. Hm, carry flowers to attract BEES, ...BRILLIANT!!!