Friday, April 29, 2016

Update on Sandy's Adventures

Regular followers of Sandy will likely know that the went to visit Ajdin in DC back in March for the Cherry Blossom Tour... (it was AWESOME!)

After that, Sandy said Au Revoir to Ajdin and Crew and stopped off to see Jerry and Ben, with whom he's been having a few adventures!

Sandy arrived at Jerry & Ben's last week (only last week?)...

... co-starred on an episode of Jerry's Corner...

... and got to bake (but not necessarily eat) some chocolate chip cookies!

From Jerry & Ben's blog... (that's Jake on the far left)
Now... we are all anxiously awaiting Sandy's return... not least of all, Sylvester Bear, Cub Reporter for Bears Lairs magazine who's eagerly wanting to do a profile on Sandy's garden... stay tuned... we'll distract Sylvester with Before photos of the garden...

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Surprise Visitor

***Editor's Note - Sandy is off visiting Jerry & Ben but... we bring you this guest post courtesy of Sylvester Bear who showed up on the doorstep a few days ago.***

Hullo... is this where Sandy Alexander Mackenzie Bear lives??

I thought so!! My name is Sylvester Bear and I am a 5th cousin twice removed of Sandy's.

I know I look different than Sandy but... I am a certified Bearista Bear and...

A gardening expert! I'm doing a report on stuffie gardens for Bears Lairs Magazine. (That's my reporter card tucked into my ear). Have you heard of it? No? Well, it's for all stuffies really, although I guess bears would appreciate it more. I'm in the garden section and...

I was pretty sure this was Sandy's house because of the pretty flowers outside. Both of our lineages have bear green claw thumbs...

Errr... you mean Sandy's not home? Hmmm... well, maybe I could stay for a few days and see if he comes back soon. I'd really like to interview him... In the meantime, I'm feeling rather.. er... famished from my journey. You wouldn't happen to have a spot of honey around, would you?

Oh, excellent!!!

Oh and look, Sandy sent a beary nice postcard from his trip.

I think I'll have a wee nap now... maybe I'll have a look at Sandy's garden when I wake u.... zzz zzz zzz

***Editor's Postscript - Sandy, get your little behind back here!***

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stinky Ocean Adventure

As many of you know, I've been visiting Ajdin these last few weeks for the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC. Mama has been keeping my blog going with pre-posted adventures from earlier in February and March. But this is the last one we have on the books... I better get home soon!

A few weeks ago... we went for a hike down by the ocean! I found a little door in a tree that said "Give a Little" "Take a Little". What a nice thought. I wonder if there is honey in there. I could give a little pine cone and take a little (or a lot) of honey.

Errr... what??? There are toys in here! They all clamoured at me asking if I was going to be a "trade-in"...

Not on your life! Let's get out of here.

It's nice down by the water at this time of year. The Fawn Lilies are out.

They are sure pretty when the sun shines through them.

Whoa... those are a lot of seabirds! Like flotillas and flocks and squadrons of them. Maybe there is a seabird conference going on? Or flight school?

Hmmm... must be flight school. It is beary windy and they are just hanging in the breeze...

And this Canada Goose is justs standing in the surf along a spit that is emerging from the falling tide. All the birds are pecking at things in the water, but we can't see anything.

Until we had a closer look at the beach. But not too close a look... it was stinky down here!

Do you see all those little yellowish globules?

They are coating the see weed and floating sticks...

Like this!

There are hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of these globules! And they are stinky... turns out they are herring roe! Apparently the First Nations people up here used to eat them - sort of like West Coast Caviar.

That also explains all the fishing boats... they are harvesting the herring.

Oooh... pretty flower!

We went to another beach... and... hmmm... I wonder what that guy is doing?

Oooh... he's a windsurfer!! What a perfect day for it.

There he goes! And fast too...

There's another one.

And a few people are flying kites. It sure is busy at the beach today.

And a beary brave kayaker fighting the waves!

Ooohhh, a dragon!!! Dilly... it's a flying dwagon!!

Out there, hard to see... is a group of seals... probably eating herring.

Well, that was an exciting day at the beach!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Last few Days in Mexico

Well... today is a sad day... Rose and her family are leaving... and Otto too! Oh well... Rose had made a pinata during her time there and while I tried to convince her to leave it behind for me... that didn't work. Shucks!

I said goodbye to Rose and Otto... they both look kind of dejected to be leaving.

The next day dawned a bit cloudy...

And windy! Holy moly!!

Oooohhh... our sandcastle looks a bit the worse for wear... the sea was rough and put a bunch of seaweed in the moat...

And the towers are blowing away...

Another castle we made is in even worse shape... sigh... nothing stays the same on the beach!

Other than the wind though, it was still pretty nice!

But this little bear is tired of the wind!

So I moved camp to a bed lounger... a bit more sheltered... and nice for a nap!

The next few days were still windy and wavy...

So windy that I kept getting blown over!

I asked a Mayan towel god to intercede but...

It didn't do much good... so we went for a few hikes along the beach...

Errr... I better not fall right now!

Climbing palm trees is not as easy as it looks!

Well... another few days and... the sand castle is pretty much blown away...

Just a last bastion... sigh.

My last night in Mexico... it was great fun... but I miss Otto!

Time for one last drink...

And we're off! Luckily Mama remembered to pack me a snack...

A nice honey-nut Ritter Sport! Perfect... Adios Mexico!