Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sherlock Sandy examines the evidence in the Case of the Extorted Bear

Sherlock Sandy & The Case of the Extorted Bear
(Part 2)

Oh, hello there... Sherlock Sandy here...

I've just been examining some of the evidence in the case of Ben and his Cookie Extortionist.

 I'd like to draw your attention to the threatening note that Ben received...

Do you see? Not a single misspelling, that is beary unlike stuffies. And those letters from glossy magazines have been cut out beary neatly... far too neatly for a bear.

See... here is Ben's note... beary poor spelling... well, that is... if you're into that sort of thing but... this case is getting beary complex. I have a lot of questions.

I dusted the note for fingerprints... nothing. No water marks or honey stains either. Also, unlike a stuffie.

And I have to act quickly because Ben is in trouble!

Knowing Ben's household... suspicion naturally lands on Jerry first... but... given the characteristics of the note... I am considering that Jerry either had a human assistant or... someone is trying to frame Jerry... which means both of my pals are in trouble!

A question... Ben says the note was taped to the refrigerator... my questions is... at what location?? Was it up high, down low? This is beary important... It's always nice to collect evidence first-hand but... in this case we'll have to go with what we have...

I also have to say... no bear in their right mind would write "Hand over....". Bears don't have hands... we have paws... so if this really was Jerry... it would be "Paw over..."... don't you think??


  1. wow, I never thout of those questions, high or low, hand instead of paw, the spelling is a give away (but did't think of that), wow, ur smart, hope u solve this case.

  2. Being that Spring is on the way I bet Jerry is spending most of his time at the garden center thinking of what to plant.

    Maybe you can contact Ben to see what magazines his humans get and see if there is a connection between the letters and the magazines the humans get in the mail.

  3. Ben Watson says, "Sherlock Sandy, thoze are beary good deducktive obzervations! I looked again at the seen of the krime. The note waz pazted about 2 feet high off the ground. There appearz to be a print too. I think I waz able to get a copee of the print and will send it to you. There were also 2 other klues, so I will send thoze to you also. I'm also layeeng a trap; I made some cookeez tonite and left them on a plate. I'll see if any aRe left in the morneeng."