Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More Bearthday Mail!

Hullo! I know... I have been beary busy lately - no time to even comment on blogs. Beary bad sekrebeary. I got some mail last week...

Can you tell who it's from??

Little Fox of course!

He-heh.... that cat looks like Rascal! Cats aren't beary good at typing apparently.

Aww... thanks!!

It's sooooo nice to get mail! And now that it is December, I really need to crack the whip on my sekrebeary and get my Christmas cards out!


  1. Glad the card came, in all fairness to your Sekrebeary I believe my card was not sent till after your birthday. I ordered holiday cards to send out last week - waiting patiently at the mail box daily for them so I can send them out....

  2. Looking good in your leather jacket Sandy! Our local Target store has all kinds of fox-themed decorations this year. Ben always points and says "hey, there is Little Fox" everytime we go there.

  3. Cool card, Sandy! And what a neat stamp, Little Fox! I have seen many "Little Foxes" everywhere this year also.

    1. Ajdin, thank you for the stamp, I believe it came from you and Uncle Tibbs.

  4. @Little Fox - Thanks. You know, there is such a thing as the Birthday Month... so you got it in well under the wire for that!
    @Jerry & Ben - I've seen quite a few foxy decorations up here too (although we no longer have Target).
    @Ajdin - it was beary cool... I wish I had a stamp like that (but of a bear).