Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hullo!!! I am keeping an eye out for the mail... today is the last day for me to win the Human vs. Stuffie Christmas Card Contest....

It's not going well... Stuffies 3, Humans 15... Mama says this is a good thing...

Anyhow... the mail has come and... before we get to that... I'm going to let Mama know that she has to be nice to me today...

See... I donated stuffie blood today!! Don't ask...

I got two things in the mail!

 First up, a beary fetching postcard from Little Fox! Those colours sort of match my ugly sweater...

And a card from Ajdin...

And Oogie, and Tibbs and Parker and Miss Feathers! I suppose that should really count as 5 cards, don't you think?

Ajdin also sent a little jar of honey!!! Excellent... I think that means I won the Christmas Card contest! Cards.... schmards.... honey is where it's at! Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. It seems awfully "convenient" that your human won the contest. Did you get their cards vetted, you know checking each card for a signature, making sure it was addressed from a proper human. Best to make sure no funny business happens during a contest.

    Thanks for giving blood today - glad to hear Canada has their own Stuffy blood bank. Maybe we should set that up down here too?

  2. Merry Christmas Sandy. Did your mom get any Christmas cards with hand drawings on them? Those count x2. Did your mom get any jars of honey? Those count x5 cards. Did your mom get any cards of foxes? Those count x3.

  3. Any cards from stuffies automatically count double. So whatever Jerry & Ben said - double that number!!!!

    1. That is so true!! Stuffie cards are pretty rare. Most households get beary few stuffy cards sooo... rare things are more valuable, yes?

    2. And any cards from British mice are x10.