Monday, October 26, 2015


Good morning! It is 6:30 am and we are at the beach to see the sunrise. As it turns out, we got here a tad early... the eager bear gets the sun... or something.

The horizon does look quite pretty... and there are even a few starts still out.

There we go... if Mama plays with the exposure a bit, you can actually see me and not just a shadow... but it is beary dark here.

And cold too. There is a stiff wind off the ocean and although I'm wearing my fleece, wind cuts through fleece quite nicely. Thank goodness there are some wool blankets in the truck!

Hmmm... it's slowly getting lighter...

I think the sun is coming!

I wonder if it will come up over the little island? I can see some light on the edges of the clouds...

Nope! A bit to the right!!


Now to take some pictures...

This log is kind of cool with the early morning sun.

It's not quite warm yet though...

 Oooh... even better with a bit more sun.

Heh-heh... this is fun.

Of course, a photo is always better with a stuffie in it.

 I like sunrise photos...

Strange lock... almost looks like a beak or a hand with thumb and forefinger touching.

OK... I'm done!!! Brrr... it's cold out there! My paws are frozen. I think I deserve a hot chocolate at Starbucks (of course!).


  1. What a fun adventure, I am surprised you didn't hit Starbucks before your sunrise adventure.

    1. Goodness, you must have really gotten up early.

    2. Some of our Starbucks do not open until 7 am on a Sunday (or 6:30 am). Can you imagine? One does open at 5:30 am on weekdays though!

  2. Beautiful photos! Hope you didn't turn into a Sandy-sicle. Still rocking the pink hoodie, I see...

    1. Thanks Droop! Yep, still rocking the pink hoodie. Have you seen my gold puffy vest? I'll have to dig that out of my closet...

  3. Beautiful photos Sandy! We agree, a nice big human-sized mug of hot chocolate is well deserved!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm definitely going to sleep in the next time one of these expeditions takes place. Or demand hot chocolate to-go!

  5. Beary beautiful pictures! Hope you took a nap after getting up so early.