Sunday, October 18, 2015

Handy Sandy fixes the Sink

Hello there! Handy Sandy here... reporting from the closet in the master bedroom. I am supervising a painting project today. Little bears do NOT paint... nope... no way... too much space for accidents.

This is what the closet looked like before. It has one of those cheapo Walmart closet organizer systems and the center shelves meant usable rod space was at a premium. Plus... the red colour was just wrong.

 So... here we are. Before we can paint, of course... we needed to prime the closet walls... a couple of times.

 We used KILZ, the high hide variety. We'll need this for the spare bedroom closet which is a fetching shade of deep, deep blue.

Right... I am supervising...

Of course... supervising is more fun when there are two of you.

Focus... right... focus!And sometimes I hold the headlamp... This is hands-down the most useful tool to have in your toolbox. Closets can be beary dark places and the 500 watt work light would have also made it beary hot. But the headlamp is perfect.

Voila... the closet is painted... we only did one coat of the beige... it's a closet after all.

 And then there is a top shelf... and soon enough there will be two closet rods...

But... while that is taking place, I thought I would tackle fixing the sink. How hard can it be?

First... gather all the tools you'll need... or think that you will need. Including the parts.

Then clean out and inspect the worksite.

Hmmm.. awfully dark in here. I think I need the headlamp!

Much better... What we are fixing today is the mounting nut on the cold water supply. It broke off a few weeks ago...

You see... the hot water supply (on the left) has a black mounting nut that helps to hold the faucet fixture snug to the sink. But the cold water supply (on the right) has nothing...

Which means the fixtures pivots around... It shouldn't be like that.

It should be snug and level...

Right... off we go then.

 It's a good thing I'm tackling this job because the 9.5" wide opening under the sink is a bit tight for humans... unless they are children of course...

First we turn off the cold water...

And check that it is off. Definitely no water coming out...

Then I wrestled with the cold water line and finally got it off the fixture...

Needed to use one of these to encourage it to loosen.

Then you get out your spare parts... $1.99 for two...

Put that on the fixture... and then reconnect everything.

Make sure there are no leaks. We... er.... I... had to use the expandable pliers to give the fastener a tiny bit of a tighten (not too much).

Turned on the cold water supply and... voila!!! It works.

Although... I might just hang out here for a while to make sure it's not leaking...

Nope... no leaks... and now it's time to put everything back under the sink. But I'll let the humans do that. Handy Sandy signing off!


  1. Another great post--I always learn so much from the Handy Sandy episodes. Your Mama is very fortunate to have such a handy little bear around!

  2. P.S. I also admire your ability to pull off a pink hoodie. Real bears wear pink!

  3. Great work Handy Sandy. When is your home improvement show going to launch on the Stuffie Network?

    1. Well, I think first we need a Stuffie Network... maybe we could create a YouTube channel?

  4. So lucky you're there to supervise Sandy!!

    1. I agree. Without me, I shudder to think of the state of affairs!

  5. Nice work. Plumbing can be dicey but it seems that you did a good job supervising, although I must say the adjustable pliers look like they are holding you down on the second to last slide. Must be the angle of the photo. Great job, do you do cabinetry work?

    1. Plumbing is beary dicey... but this seemed like a quick fix. The pliers were a tad heavy for me so I had to put them down every while to rest! I haven't tried cabinetry work... mostly because we lack a table saw... and a router... and a few other key items. That's my story!

  6. Oh, your cat is soon relaxed! I like it when cats are lying like that:-)!

    1. Rascal has been doing that pose a LOT lately! She used to be beary sensitive about her tummy - didn't want anyone to pet it or touch it. But in the last few years, she has allowed us to give her the dreaded tummy futsch. Do you do that with Poes? Put your face down in the soft soft belly fur and then blow hard!

    2. No, Poes won't let us touch her belly, she was a very scared and stressed cat when she came to live with us many years ago and she's a lot more relaxed but always wary. We were so proud of her when she dared to come closer and closer when she was little. Now she comes to sit on our laps so she shows she trusts us:-)!

  7. Replies
    1. I am! If I was a cub scout, I think I'd have a beary lot of badges...