Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chilling at the Lake

Hullo again - last adventure on our mini-holiday. We went to our most favourite lake...

There is NO fire ban up here soooo... we gathered some old man's beard and twigs... added a few sheets of newspaper...

Found some driftwood...

And made a campfire!

 Sooooo nice.

 Soooo beautiful.

 I could camp out here for days.

 But eventually we had to leave... I am taking a piece of driftwood along as a memento...

 Bye-bye lake... see you next time!


  1. No fire ban? Wow, you must be WAY up North. Actually, they are starting to lift the bans down here which will probably make lots of campers happy this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

    That is a beautiful lake, I love the mountains in the background.

    PS - I forgot to wish you a happy Civic Holiday last Monday.

    1. Welllll... not super far north, only above 54 latitude. Our fire ban was lifted on August 31!! Can't wait to get out and have a campfire. Labour Day isn't until tomorrow... beary late this year!

  2. The camp fire sure looks cozy. We imagine that you had smores and hot chocolate too!

    1. Smores and hot chocolate? Those were only in your imagination... and mind! Sigh... I do need to work on the quartermaster duties of my humans.

  3. How nice! Thanks for sharing! I keep thinking about how cool it would be to be together with all our friends, that fire would be a good place to all sit down and eat and talk....