Saturday, July 4, 2015

Visit to Vancouver (again!?)

Well... believe it or not, I am headed to Vancouver again! I wonder why we're going this time!?

Maybe I'll be a correspondent for the CBC (Canadian Bearcasting Corporation) and cover the Women's FIFA World Cup???

Or maybe it's to see Rose's ballet recital???

Not exactly sure what is up but... Daisy was so excited to see me again, she couldn't hold still... must be related to Little Fox's Sequoia...

I've been told that I'm not covering FIFA (phooie) and that I missed Rose's ballet recital... BUT I have been told that we are going on a BIG adventure...

We have the whole crew assembled... Mama got to sit in the navigator's seat cause her tummy gets iffy in the back seat... that mean's Rose and Mama's sister were relegated to the back seat. The only crew member who was missing was Daisy... poor puppy!

We even have some serious electronic recording equipment along for the ride. I wonder where we are going?

Well... that wasn't far!! And I like this trip already!!

And we're off... across the Lion's Gate bridge into West Van...

Now heading farther west. Are we going back to the ferry? Or to Squamish or Whistler?

Definitely not the ferry... ooh... what a gorgeous view!!

Brittania Mines!!! Oh that sounds like fun!

They take you on little mine cars deep into the mountain like the old miners used to do... but I guess we're not stopping here.

There's Stawamus Chief!! Maybe we're going...

rock-climbing? I see a few tiny specks up there... hmmm...

We stopped for brunch in Squamish... of course a little bear never turns down honey!

And we're off again. This sure is a long drive!

Finally... we are here... wherever here is... I need to get my land-legs back.

Ah-hah!!! We are in Whistler!! They hosted a lot of the 2010 Winter Olympic events...

Heh-heh... I like that sign.

OH!! Maybe we are here to watch Tough Mudder again, like last year?? But Mama's partner's not along for some strange reason soooo...

Anyhow! We are in the village of Whistler so let's have a look around.

OK... trick question... who is cuter??? (trick question... ah-hem...)

Mmm... Jerry would probably like this store! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (even though we are nowhere near the Rocky Mountains). I think it should be called the Coast Plutonic Complex Mountains Factory but little bears do not get to vote on names.

There was a rock and gem shop with some captive trilobites...

And a gorgeous piece of amethyst...

Alright... another trick question. Who's cuter... me or the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory bear?? I wonder if that's what happens when you eat too much chocolate? Rose seems to think he is quite charming... hmph!

Oh hey!!! Look what I found!!! A brochure for Bear Viewing!! That sounds like fun... huh?

Ummm... yeah... ziplining... whatever... I vote for bears!

Because this bear found salmon so if we went bear viewing we might find some salmon too... or some honey... or honeyed salmon!

Hmmm... we are in the offices of The Adventure Group... I'm trying to convince Rose to vote for bear viewing but she doesn't look entranced with the idea...

Well... how about rafting then???
(To be Continued)


  1. Uh-oh.......I don't like the look of that poster you're stood in front of.....!!

  2. you are going ziplining!? how beary exciting!! we can't wait for the video..

    1. Do you think it's ziplining?? I suppose it probably is... sigh... if bears were meant to fly, we woulda been given wings!

  3. How fun. My roommate went to Whistler years ago and loved it. My roommate says they also have sea plane adventures near Whistler. Maybe you can do one of those as well?

    1. Seaplane adventures?? Oh that sounds like fun!

  4. What a great adventure! We think both of you are sure cute (but surely stuffies have an advantage over humans...). The Candy Factory looks amazing! Jerry has already fogged up the computer screen studying every square inch of the photo! We can't wait to see part 2 of the adventure!

    1. You are beary right... stuffies do have an advantage over humans (except maybe 1 month old infants). I wish I could have sent Jerry some of those chocolates, but it is so hot here, I think he would have just received a puddle!

  5. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory bear looks grumpy! Be careful...

    1. He probably has a gazillion people sit on the bench next to him and ignore him while pictures are taken!

    2. Thise bears at that store always look grumpy. Probably too much sugar.