Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mail and....The MOST Delicious Plums... Ever!

Hullo! First up... I got some mail from Little Fox today! He's been touring Colorado and having a marvelous time. The mountains and wildflowers look amazing. Thanks Little Fox

Now... I thought I would introduce you to one of our fruit trees today! This is a beary old tree and it has some issues (like dying limbs) but it produces... seriously... the most delicious, mouth-watering, juicy, sweet plums... ever.

Here are a batch that Mama picked a few days ago...

 And here is the tree... It is big and a bit hard to reach in places. It's also been beary windy the last few days which means...

Some ripe plums have landed on the ground.

This one is a lost cause - too many splits and too squished. We'll leave it for the bees... mmm.... plum juice honey!

 But some of the ones that land on the ground are OK... once you brush off a few ants and wash them...

Mmm.... soooo good... and sooo juicy...

OK... someone needs to wash their hands before they handle a little bear!

Some of the plums are low down within reach... but most are high up.

Mama thought she could send me up into the tree and I would pick plums and toss them down to her. But this idea that bear like to climb trees is based in mythology... ummm... can someone help me down??

Even the ladder is a bit much for a little bear!

But with a bit of help... there's a nice plum just ripe for the picking...

And there's that one over there... but you know what...

I think I'll just supervise from down here and guard the plums from any marauding bees or ants!!

Wow... that didn't take long!!!

And more!!! Bonanza!!! I would send some out to my stuffie pals but... these are not shippable plums - not ripe off the tree. There is nothing like them...


  1. Hi Sandy,
    So glad the card made it safely to you. Colorado would be right up your alley.

    My roommates picked all the yellow plums off of our trees and sadly most were already rotted. I'm glad your plums are still in good shape.

    Our garden is heartily producing onions, basil, and tomatoes right now.

    1. Colorado sounds lovely. It's on my bucket list along with Arizona (Grand Canyon) and Utah (Bryce Canyon).

      Sorry to hear your plums didn't turn out. Ours are now at the "out of reach" stage and are getting a tad overripe up there. We do have a wild plum (3 inch long "thorns") that has little yellow plums. They are quite tasty and apparently make excellent jam... will have to give that a whirl.

      As for onions... grrrrr... ours all went to flower (which we heard was the right thing to do... but now they are tipping over and there is basically no bulb to speak of... grumble... what did you guys do?

  2. It sure is lucky that there was a stuffie around to help harvest the plums!

    1. Oh yes... stuffies are always in high demand here - there is so much harvesting and supervising to do. If ever you guys get bored with the sabbatical... you could come up here for a holiday of harvesting the garden and cooking the harvest!

    2. P.S. Of course there would also be Eating the Harvest too!!

  3. Those do look delicious! Fruit of any kind has been a rare sight here at our house. Mom has been eliminating almost every kind of food from her diet lately including sugar and fruit. Scruffy and I are wasting away. Makes for a grouchy mom, not to mention how growley it makes Scruffy and me.

    1. Hi Buttons!!! Good to hear from you. So sorry to hear about the sugar restrictions. We are doing our own sugar detox here... no hot chococlate for me but a few pieces of fruit still slip through.