Monday, May 25, 2015

Sherlock Sandy and the Mystery of the Grey Day (Pt 3)

Hello again, Sherlock Sandy here... My blogger pals missed a clue in the second to last photo in the previous blog... Did you see it?

Look beary closely... Do you see? Just around the window of the shed... I think that is a beary faint hint of colour! I wonder...

Oh yes... there is definitely colour leaking under the door of the shed!

My trusty assistant unlocked the door and beary slowly I opened it. Remember last year, we had an infestation of the Chinese Triad Rat Gang in here... I thought we got rid of them but... you never know.

Actually... maybe Mama should go first! Er... I mean... Watson... No?

Hmph... I don't remember Sherlock getting so much talkback from Watson!

Oh my goodness... I see some colour over there.... it looks like it's coming from the bicycle basket!

It's a turtle!!! With a rainbow of colours all around him!

"Oh Thank Goodness you're here! I'm a Rainbow Brite operative and I was just passing through when these horrible rats grabbed me and made me pull all the colour out of this area and straight into this basket. They are such packrats and thought they could keep all the colour to themselves or sell it on the blackmarket or export it to Asia!"

Holy mackeral... for a turtle, you sure talk fast and a lot!
"Well, I am a highly specialized super-turbo-charged operative after all! That's the key you see... people think all turtles are slow and they get complacent when they see me. But those rats were even quicker than I was."

Ah-hah.... those darn rats...

I think it is time for another gang-busting session!

Anyhow... I helped Turbo-Brite Turtle out of the basket and we went back outside...

"It will only take a minute," he said, as he closed his eyes... I could see the colour slowly returning...

Oh thank you Turbo Brite!
"You're quite welcome! But I would suggest you break up that rat gang right quick! I'll put a note on this case file so that other operatives don't get waylaid, like I did."

And there you go... Another case solved by the indubidale... indubitible... unquestionable skill and tenacity of... Sherlock Sandy! (with a bit of help from his friends of course!)


  1. Hurrary for Turbro Brite and Sherlock Sandy! We can't wait for the next mystery....Ben did notice that several cookies were missing in our house, but it's not like that is a mystery since we all know who is likely to be guilty!.

    1. Was there a trail of dirt from the garden to the cookie jar?

    2. Thanks guys! There was a bit of a clue in the second to last photo of Part 2... a hint of green around the shed window. I noticed it when I was reviewing that blog post!

    3. Hehe, we loved Droopy's clever comment!

  2. Wow, those dastardly they're even taking on Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids? Somebody needs to put them in their place. But at least color was restored this time! Well done, Sherlock Sandy!

    1. Well... they are a rough and tough rat gang, let me tell you!

  3. This is my favorite Sherlock Sandy episode!