Friday, March 6, 2015

Handy Sandy's Drywall Repair

Hullo bears and not a bears! The rains are back and so we are doing another home-maintenance project. My resume is going to look beary impressive after all this experience! Today... we are doing...

Drywall repair!! Believe it or not... when we bought this house, this hole was hiding behind a hanging mirror at the front door. The previous owners thoughtfully left us the mirror (so nice) and we didn't notice the hole for months... So... today, we are fixing it.

First, you need to put a little block of wood behind the hole. The wood piece we used barely fit so we used a big cup hook to hold it in place.

While you are holding it in place, you screw the drywall to the block. Now you have a background to fit in a new piece of drywall.

There was a second hole that was covered by a plastic plate. It was an obvious door knob hole... because they didn't have that little sproingy-door-stop (see photo)... We now have a sproingy door stop! The door knob hole was small but the drywall was damaged around the hole...

So we had to cut a bigger hole. And put in another block of wood.

Then we took a little piece of drywall we got from... (not a back alley deal)... Home Depot.

And cut out two pieces...

Which we snuggled into the holes.

There we go...

Hmmm... this does make a bit of a mess!!

I will supervise clean-up... Rascal is my apprentice today - she likes to be involved with home repairs as well.

Then... you screw the little pieces of drywall to the blocks. Voila... Now... there are small-drywall-patch kits at Home Depot but we wanted to try repairing holes the old-fashioned way... hence the long spiel here!

Next... you need some fibreglass mesh tape... for taping the seams.

And some drywall mudding compound and some big spatulas.

Tape the seams... slap on the mud, smooth it with the spatulas. When it is dry, sand and repeat. When that is dry, sand and repeat. When that is dry... see how it looks. Stay tuned!


  1. Great job, be careful about being too good at repairs otherwise you may be working all summer instead of adventuring.

    Good to see Rascal in a picture.

    1. Thanks Little Fox. Great advice - I will have to muck up a few jobs maybe... and get demoted!

  2. Another fantastic Sandy Fix! Jerry's Corner may be contacting you do do guest spots and to answer any home repair qweshtons!

  3. Great post! Like the picture with Rascal next to you!

    1. Thanks Hammie! Rascal has always been fascinated by building projects and wants to supervise and sniff every little thing. Sigh... she needs to learn that supervision means you have to step back sometimes and let the workers get the work done!

  4. I agree with Little Fox. If you get too good at repairs, you'll be saddled with the "Curse of the Competent"...