Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bear Hijacked Post

hullo stuffy pals... i m tring tu rite thi s on meye own... it is sumbudys 50 bearthdey tudey... kan u guss whu?? (hint... its nott meee!)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hullo!!! I am keeping an eye out for the mail... today is the last day for me to win the Human vs. Stuffie Christmas Card Contest....

It's not going well... Stuffies 3, Humans 15... Mama says this is a good thing...

Anyhow... the mail has come and... before we get to that... I'm going to let Mama know that she has to be nice to me today...

See... I donated stuffie blood today!! Don't ask...

I got two things in the mail!

 First up, a beary fetching postcard from Little Fox! Those colours sort of match my ugly sweater...

And a card from Ajdin...

And Oogie, and Tibbs and Parker and Miss Feathers! I suppose that should really count as 5 cards, don't you think?

Ajdin also sent a little jar of honey!!! Excellent... I think that means I won the Christmas Card contest! Cards.... schmards.... honey is where it's at! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Day of Winter

Hullo! Today is the First Day of Winter, so I thought I'd take out around and show you what winter looks like...

Winter is green here... the grass is growing and there are still some flowers. We don't really have winter, despite that little tiny skiff of snow the other day.

Winter also means beary high tides!! And beary low tides too. Today, we were at the beach at high tide which was 15 feet. A few days from now, the low tide will hit the 1 foot mark. We have pretty extreme tides here.

Which means... the little shacks over on Shack Island are...

Well... they look like they are dipping their toes in the water!

That one doesn't look too bad though.

I also saw a young eagle perched in a tree... he wouldn't look down at me... sigh.

Winter also means grey days... grey ocean, grey sky... grey clouds.

I went down to my favourite pebble beach and.... there wasn't much showing!

Whoops!!! The water wants to get me wet!!

Normally, that big old log in the water is way above high tide.

Hmmm... some cool seaweeds have washed up. I was watching a show on the Foot Network where they did cooking with seaweed. I dared Mama to try some but she wrinkled her nose and said "no". Scaredy cat!

Ooooh... That looks like a perfect place for bees to hibernate!!!

Hello... hello?? any bees???

Nope. No bees. Oh well... Sandy Bear signing off from the balmy West Coast.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ajdin's Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Hullo - as you know, Ajdin has an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest and today is the deadline for entries sooo...

**** Begin Commentary

In this corner of the ring we have... (drum roll please)... Sandy the Desperate!!!!  Sandy's looking a bit overheated and pudgy under his robe but... let's see what he can show us...

Ohhh.... we have a garish red and bilious green arm emerging. Sandy looks pretty pumped!!!

Wow!!! That is quite the roll-necked sweater top we see. Wonder if Sandy can pull this off?

There we have it folks... he's gone with a green and red sweater - pretty traditional colours if we do say so... but what will the front reveal!!

Oh!!! Horrors!!! White pom poms surrounding a simple evergreen tree design. And the length of the sweater... we think Sandy could practically mop the floor with this entry! But is it really ugly?? Ugly enough to win the contest?? Only time will tell....

 ****end of commentary

OK... grunt... ooff... urgh!!! Get this thing off of me!! I'm melting in there!!

Oh.. .whew... that was rough. If "ugly" includes total discomfort, then this was a seriously ugly sweater! I think circulation to my paws is cut off... those sleeves were uber tight!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weather Update!

Oh my goodness!!! Do you see it???

Get outta my way!!!

Quick, quick... jacket!!

Whaddya mean I have to get dressed properly???

OK, OK... I'm outta here!

Ta-dah!! Do you see it yet?

Can you see it in my hat yet?

Anyhow... I'm off to play!

Seee!!!! Snow!!!!

Very wet, slushy snow but snow nevertheless... Such a happy bear!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Christmas Mail

Hullo!! I am happy to report that I got some more mail today!

This is a beary pretty card...

From the trio of adorables mutts out east! (I use mutts as a term of endearment of course!)

Thanks Droopy, Patches and Spunky!! I think the card is even home made - beary nice touch.

But as you can see... the humans got some card as well... so right now we are Stuffies 3 Humans 4.

I'm hoping for more cards in the mail soon!

And... later today... there was another packet in the mail!!

Hmmm... No card in this one... maybe I can put the envelope up instead because... this is definitely for me!!!

What is it?? Not telling... surprise coming...