Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Visitors from Calgary and an Outing

Well... this is an adventure from... September!!! That never got posted on time sooo... since "someone" is still using tishooes at an alarming rate and has cotton between her ears... let's post this!


Whoo-hoo!! Today we have visitors from Calgary and we are off on an outing. I wonder where we are going?

Ohhh... I know this little boat! We are going to my favourite island!

It is a gorgeous sunny day - perfect weather.

This is the island that used to have an old pulp-stone quarry. These things look like huge Lifesaver candies.

Hmmm... that sure is a weird tree branch that grew in a big loop!

It seems to be a day for holes!

And a day for soaking up some sunshine.

These rocks sure look cool.

There was an eagle watching from a tree so I didn't stray too far from Mama... he might have swooped down and scooped me up!

 I like being by the water - you see all sorts of neat things.

These people were practising dragon-boat racing.

We walked up one side of the island and then cut across to the other side, through the forest. The sun made beautiful patterns through the mist.

And on the seaward side of the island, the mist had become fog!

It is not a sunny day over here...

I thought we could camp out under this beach shelter but Mama said I would be on my own.

There are neat things to find on beaches... like this old chain bolted to a piece of wood.

The leaves here really don't do colours too well - they go from green to burn brown with maybe a bit of yellow in between.

And another hole!

Heh-heh... a perfect spot for a little bear to do his business!

Some of the leaves from these old maples sure are big!

As we headed back down the island towards the little ferry boat, we came out of the fog and saw the sun again.

It was weird to be on the edge of sun and fog.

A mysterious place where you might expect mysterious things to happen.

I saw another beach shelter but other than that, nothing mysterious happened.

 Mama took this cool shot of a totem pole...

But a little dog crashed the shot of the other totem pole!!


  1. What a nice adventure, how long is the ferry ride across to the island? I like the photo bomb picture of the dog and the totem pole.

    1. The ride is about 10 minutes - or you could kayak there easily. The doggie photo bomb was beary cute!