Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Lake

Today we went to my most favourite lake. It was a nice sunny day and quite warm (what little bear thought he would need his winter clothes???)

Unfortunately the few days of rain mean the water has come up... I hope we can get to our little beach.

Ooooohh... we saw this huge King Bolete along the way. Gramma would have happily carted it home but it was pretty wormy... so it can go to spores and hopefully make lots of little babies next year!

Our beach is still here... and there are even a few fire-rings where other people have made campfires.

I decided to chill on the beach while the humans tried to find dry wood after several days of rain. Luckily Mama is a champion dry-wood-finder soooo...

We had a campfire!! Ahhhh... this is the life!

Blue sky and sunshine, a lake, a beach and a campfire. I am an easily please little bear... although... I wonder if anyone thought to bring a snack?

Ah-hah!! The snack bag...

Let's see.... oh, marshmallows, those are always good!

And... something else... I wonder what is in here? Maybe chocolate and graham crackers (so I can make S'mores?)

Nope... but these will do nicely! Rice krispie squares... with chocolate!!!

I think Gramma is seriously spoiling me!!

That fire is going pretty good... Mama is doing a good job of keeping it stoked.

Uh-oh... er... what do you mean "who ate all the rice krispie squares?"... I have no idea....

No.. .seriously... look at these innocent little bear eyes... I have no idea!!
Eh? What's behind my back... er... nothing!

Oh!!! This thing... ummm... well.... it looks like a half-eaten rice krispie square.... heh-heh!

But who can resist a little bear face?

The forest here is quite nice too... with thick moss...

It's called StepMoss because it grows in a serious of steps...

Hmmm... a concrete block? Here?? In the forest above the beach? Eh???

And another one?

And a whole series of them?? What the heck??

So I asked Gramma cause she's been here for a beary long time and she said that way back in the olden days (way back)... there used to be a hotel here and a dance hall! Seriously? I mean this is boonyville out here! But no... they took the buildings away at some point and rebuilt them in a museum park in town. She says even farther back (in the 1930s), Legend has it that Al Capone (yes, THE Al Capone) hid out up here...

Huh... that's a beary interesting story... I could see why he would come here because it is seriously beautiful.

But all good things must end... we covered up the dregs of our campfire and headed home... I think I am putting on weight...


  1. Al Capone??? Wow!!! BTW your London bus badge looks good!!!

    1. Apparently!! I love my London badge - I feel so cosmopolitan!

  2. You are a lucky bear. I think you mom should send you to your Gramma's house at least once a month. Anyway, it's good to put on weight because Winter is rolling around and a certain little bear should not be cold.

    Did you visit the dance hall museum in town?

    Cool about Al Capone hanging out up there, who would have guessed he loved the peaceful scenery of the lake?????

    1. I agree - every stuffie needs to get away to Gramma's house every once in a while. We didn't visit the original dance hall - not enough time for all of the adventures I wanted to do. I was raising a skeptical bear eyebrow at Gramma's story about Al Capone - but Mama later looked it up in a book and... apparently it was true!

  3. A great hike, a fun beach, a wonderful camp fire AND rice crispy treats! You are SOO lucky Sandy. We're jealous. Maybe your grandma should open a little bear bed and breakfast...

    1. I am a beary lucky little bear! I don't know that Gramma would get a lot of clientele for a little bear bed and breakfast... unless of course, she had a never-ending supply of salmon and honey!

  4. Very beautiful, Scruffy and I are beary pea green with envy. We have been nowhere exciting for a beary long time now. Stellar idea making smores with chocolate rice krispee treats. So, like are you in Canada directly north of Chi Town? I didn't know Ol' Al ventured into Canada. We have an old speak easy that is now a restaurant in another suburb a bit northwest of here, the story goes Al used to hide out there. It's call The Hideaway. Mom says they have great steak there. Looks like you had a great outing you lucky little spoiled bear. Aren't bear grandma's great? ;)

    1. Thanks Buttons and Scruffy! We miss your adventures too.No, not north of you guys - we were still in our home province - rumour has it that Capone hid out up there - I must say it was way out in the sticks. Another rumour says that he and his cronies were dressed up as Catholic priests... the plot thickens!

  5. This lake is so beary beautiful! You have to do a better job of hiding treats, perhaps underneath your hoodie?

    1. Yes... I am not beary good at keeping things under cover - talking with your mouth full doesn't help either!