Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Road Trip!

While we were at Gramma's, Mama told me that we were also going to visit Prince George...

Eh??? Like the royal Prince George??? I didn't pack any spiffy clothes!!! I don't even have my passport!! I'm not ready for London!!! ... Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Mama was just shaking her head... we are not going to visit Prince George (the person) but Prince George (the city)... Whew!! And we are doing it by car... road trip!!!

I am ready - can I drive!? Hmmm... I can't even get us out of the carport... guess not.

But that's OK... cause I make a good dash ornament!

It is beary nice here... with mountains...

And beautiful fall colours!

One of the great things about road trips is that I get to have some junk food... Cool Ranch Doritos are beary good!

But Hawkins Cheezies are THE BEST!!! Oh yummmm....

As we were coming into Prince George, we stopped outside one of the Starbucks shops - this is where Mama and I first met! She says it is where she adopted me... but I would say it's where I adopted her!! Heh-heh!

We are visiting a friend here in town and helping her with some yardwork.

I can't mow the lawn or weed the garden or fertilize things but... I am beary good at making campfires!

It's getting going...

Ahhh... this is the life... I have a great place from which to supervise the humans... I wonder what else we are going to do while we are here?


  1. Road trips are the best. I am going on one soon I hear. Now that I see where Prince George is on a map I can definitely understand why you considered packing so many winter clothes. Is it farther north than Edmonton? Brrrr.,

    It's also nice to go back to the adoption location. Did you wear your green jacket when visiting that starbucks? Perhaps the employees would have remembered you and gave you something free????

    1. Road trips are a lot of fun - especially with snacks! I have heard of people traveling across country stopping at every Timmies along the way... I would stop at every Starbucks! Alas, I didn't pack my green parka... sigh... PG is a smidge farther north than Edmonton. It can get down to -40 C which I think is -40 F - beary cold!

    2. Stopping at every Tim Hortons in Canada? Wow, that's like 4,000 stores. I wonder how many pounds (or Kilograms) one would add if they had a honey donut at each outlet.

      Sigh, we don't have any Timmies in Oregon, or Washington, or anywhere else close to me. We do have plenty of Starbucks though.

    3. Well... maybe every Timmies along the way... which would still be quite a few! I could send you a Timmies honey dip donut in the mail... but I'm not sure it would arrive in an edible condition!

  2. Little Bears always adopt their human companions/seKretaries! We totally agree! We also LOVE cool ranch Doritos (just another reason we're obviously related, hehe). We do have the perfect London outfit for you, but it's probably too big:

    1. Ohhhh... that London outfit looks perfect... but you're right, probably too big. I am hoping that maybe I will find something in just my size over there... maybe at Harrod's! (Mama is rolling her eyes and says little bears DO NOT shop at Harrod's...)

    2. Yes they do. I went shopping at Horrids yesterday......

  3. Mmmm.. those are yummy snacks. Be careful not to get too close to the fire.. we are highly flammable you know..