Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Update - Part the First

I think it's about time I did a little garden patrol and show you what's happening in our back 40.

This is one of the flower beds... we have little pansies here and planted wildflowers, bachelor buttons and some transplanted california poppies. The wildflowers ended up being just red poppies... go figure. Everything else is doing beary well.

This one is Hammie red!

We also have some lavenders that we transplanted and they are beary happy. Mind you, we are not going to let them get unruly and take over the world. You have to keep lavender under a tight rein and nicely pruned...

And do you remember in the spring... this was a slope around the big plum tree... We put cardboard on last fall to kill the grass...

And this is what it looks like now!! Much better...

And finally... some transplants looking for a home. These are lily of the valley from Auntie's house in Vancouver... and she got them from Gramma's old house where Mama grew up! So that is beary exciting... now just need to get them in the ground.


  1. Your garden is looking beary good. Did Ben tell you that we have an entire side hill of Lilly of the Valley? Hundreds of them! Ben makes bunches of flowers to put in the bedrooms, they whole house smells great!

  2. Thanks guys!! A whole side hill of Lily of the Valley??? Ooooohhhh... they are one of my favourite flowers and they smell so amazing!! You are beary lucky.

    1. They kind of grow like a weed (but a good one). The side of the house is shaded and get lots of water from the roof when it rains. We put big bunches around the house. Have you made any more house calls Dr. Sandy?

    2. It's funny how some invasive plants are weeds and some are treasured as flowers! Nope... no more house calls, although I do have to do a follow-up with the Sprained Ankle...