Friday, June 6, 2014


I am beginning to learn that whatever flowers Little Fox has blooming down where he is... we get them about 2 weeks later... Voila - California poppies!

They sure are pretty - we tried to transplant some into the garden last fall but... the soil is too rich for them - so we are going to move them into some scrappy gravel off the front driveway... that's what they seem to like.

And there was a real poppy too... a wild one - it is Hammie-red!

Lupines are out now... finally! But so far I've only seen purple ones.

And a bit of a mystery... saw this t-shirt in a shop and... we have our very own Loch Ness monster??? That's exciting!! I want to go there now and see if we can find it!

And an update on the tent caterpillars... there they are in their tent in MY plum tree... sigh... So far it seems to be a mild year for them, they aren't eating everything in sight... so as long as they stay on that branch, it's OK. The starlings and robins stop by every once in a while to snack on the caterpillars....


  1. The poppies and Lupine are beautiful. I have to admit the poppies are my favorite. So, I gather tent catepillars are not a good thing to have on your tree?

    I sent my roommates to the farmers market today - Strawberries and Cherries are in. Our Cherry tree has three cherries, two were mysteriously eaten by some humans last night and one cherry that is not quite ripe is left. I wonder if the humans will leave that for me or devour it like they did with the other cherries?

    1. Poppies are so beautiful!! A hadn't seen the little wild red ones last year - but the orange ones seem to keep blooming all summer.

      Tent caterpillars much on leaves... not a good thing - in a bad year, whole trees can be stripped of their leaves. And they stink... and you get caterpillar poo everywhere! Luckily, this is not a bad year...

      Three cherries!! That is good to know... there are cherry trees in various empty lots around here... I will have to check in a couple of weeks and see if they are ready. Hope you get to eat that lasts cherry! And we have one strawberry that is turning red... I am going to sneak out in the dark of morning (3:30 am) and pick it!