Friday, May 23, 2014

Forest Walk

Ah-hah... I see my sekre-beary has been remiss again! I went on this adventure ages ago and thought she had posted it on the blog... not! Sometimes you need to check on their work you know.

Anyhow - I was out for a walk in the forest and saw the Scotch Broom just starting to flower. It is beary pretty but super invasive. Not good for a garden.

Now, what have we here??? Do you see it??? It looks like a beary strange mushroom or plant...

Wait a minute... that isn't a plant... although it is covered in moss...

It is a boot!!! An old boot that someone left in the woods. It is super cool.

After a bit of a walk, we came to this small stream, which is called a river but... I think it's more of a stream.

Rivers are big and strong... and this thing is a bit small and weak (at the moment). This little meadow area looks like it would be great for a picnic.

Other people obviously have the same idea because there were some stairs cut into the bank...

And a trail had been hacked through the bush to get there... must come here when it is hot and muggy out. I could cool down in the water!

Oh.... the horsetail are out - they are so pretty...

And they sure do grow big out here on the coast - the ones behind me are almost 3 bears tall! Did you know that in the days of the dinosaurs, they were regular tree size?! They've miniaturized since then.

Ah... and the apple orchard is starting to bloom... beary good. I think they sell apple cider in the fall - yum!

Now... you might think this flower is called a butter-cup, which it technically is. And there is this thing that kids do where they hold it under their chin and if their skin looks yellow, they like butter. But I think it really is a honey-cup... because if you hold it under a bear's chin, and the chin looks yellow... the bear loves honey! He-heh!!

Whew... that was a long walk... but the ornamental cherries are still in bloom... Or rather, "were" still in bloom as these photos were taken ages ago (sekre-bearies... sigh....)!


  1. Beautiful photos Sandy! We think that old book must have belonged to The Old Woman in the Shoe. Her kids are probably all grown up and living with their families, so she decided to move into a condo.

    1. Thanks guys! Oh, I never thought about the Old Woman in the Shoe! That makes sense... there was probably too much upkeep with that old boot too.

  2. Great photos Sandy. We have invasive Scotch Broom where I live as well, I wonder where it's native? I will have to get my SeKrebeary working on that project.

    1. Hmmm... good question. Judging by the name, I would think Scotland but... sometimes names are misleading... like chocolate lilies that are NOT made from chocolate!