Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring-Flower Hike

A while ago Mama decided to go on a photo-hunt for spring flowers. It was raining out and she wasn't going to take me along (again!)... but I reminded her that I could stay nice and dry in my raingear... So off we went!

I already found some spring flowers and we aren't even out of the yard yet... heh-heh!

These is forsynthia... it's a bush that gets beautiful yellow flowers, which are good in vases... we are going to borrow a few branches onces it's finished blooming and try to start our own...

And blossoms from a fruit tree - possibly apple.

There are daffodils everywhere! Even in the ditches.

Oooohhhh... this is the ruin of an old house that burned down many moons ago...

It had a garden and under the rubble and burned boards, there are still some flowers.

This looks like a tulip...

And more daffodils.

These might be day lilies... but I'm not sure... I'll have to be patient and see what they do.

A stairway to nowhere... and raindrops on the camera lens!

More daffodils...

And bunny rabbits! These are the ones that live at Watership Down... they apparently don't like to eat daffodils.

Because they eat everything else around them but leave the flowers alone.

There sure are a lot here... they must spread beary easily in this climate.

Hmmm... this looks suspiciously like a Fawn Lily - like the one at the beach.

Those leaves look the same too - beary interesting.

Hmmm... an old refrigerator that has been here for so long it has bushes growing out of it!

Eh, I wonder what these are??? Little purple flowers... maybe I could name them!!??

This purple flower looks different - Mama says it might be a hyacinth.

And these as well! Poor little hyacinths... all on their own. I have to say, I do like my raingear but I have a heck of a time seeing anything from under the brim of the hat!


  1. Beautiful flowers Sandy. You look great in the rain coat too! We suddenly have very warm temperatures here, 75+, so the snow is gone, and we will soon be gardening. Someone is far less grumpy in our house!

    1. 75+!! That happened beary quickly! I hope we'll get to see some gardening pictures!

    2. Our spring is beary strange; it was beary cold today, and tomorrow it may snow up north...!?! Jerry says "Mothur Nachure, this is not funeee!"

    3. Snow?? In April??? You guys definitely do not live in Gardening-Land... are you still at school, or moving back "east" soon?

  2. Sandy your rain suit is beary beary careful walking around the house and the old fridge. Do you have your tetanus shot? Daffodils are sure plentiful this time of year, they grow randomly in my neighborhood. I like that picture of the blooming trees are starting to bloom too.

    1. I never knew daffodils could grow "wild" (more or less)... they are everywhere here! Some of our trees are starting to bloom... but some are taking their time...