Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun at the Resort

Another day at the beach!

Today there were all sorts of bird tracks on the sand...

Possibly from this bird who is pecking for burrowing creatures I think...

I met some animals in my room too... towel animals! This one is a rabbit...

And I think this one is a rabbit too...

This one is definitely a swan!

The food was great the resort too... they had cold-smoke salmon!!! Oh yuummmmm!!!!

I would have had more pictures... except Mama's camera (the old one) gave up the ghost and the lens wouldn't come out... oh well! It was a great trip! The temperature was about 28C everyday (that is 82F) which was sooo nice! I didn't leave the resort... just sat there and soaked up some sun... little bears need to do that every once in a while you know...


  1. What beary nice pictures. Did you get a chance to wear your sombrello on the beach? The food sounds great, especially the smoked salmon. Did they have pots of honey available as well?
    I love the cloth animals, did they make any foxes out of the towels?

    1. @Little Fox - Oh, I had my orange beach hat and that was good for the sun. The food was actually quite good and they even had bowls of honey standing around the buffet! No foxes... there was a dinosaur at one point but I have noooo pictures!

      @Jerry & Ben - oh yes, honey, honey and more honey!