Monday, February 3, 2014

A Foggy Day for Sealions

Hullo! The weather cooperated (sort of) and the fog and cloud finally cleared off. What is that bright thing up in the sky?? I got to go on a hike!

As we got close to the water, I could hear barking... it was kind of weird for dogs and it wasn't! It ended up being sealions sunbathing on log-booms...

You can see them here....

It was a gorgeous sunny day... ahhhh... spring is here!

I spoke too soon about the fog though...

It does make pretty patterns with the sun through the trees.

There's an eagle over there on the other side of the channel...

Can you see him??? He's going to deliver a message to Little Fox and then to Jerry & Ben! Oh... wait... maybe not... he just flew away!

Oh well... It was nice out here anyhow.

Oh the sun looks so pretty through the trees!

But then... then we got to a clearing and... oh... Mama just went nuts with the camera and I had to scramble after her telling her to wait up!

She likes doing weird sunshine shots...

 And sometimes you just have to humour her... although I limited her to three pictures here (otherwise there would have been 10!).

Oh... and we got a short video of the sealions barking... (And it wasn't Daisy!) I was quite far away and you can still hear them quite clearly...


  1. Those sea lions sure like to "talk" don't they? Have you ever been to the sea lion caves on the southern Oregon coast? There are many sea lions in this cave (humans can't name things very well) and it seems that all they know how to do is bark. The cave reflects the's beary cool.

    1. Oh, that sounds beary cool! I would like to get down to Oregon some day...

  2. Beautiful photos, and we LOVE the video! So nice to see Sandy and Daisy too! You live in a beautiful region; the rocks and water are so beary nice. All we have is snow, and more on the way. Luckily, we have a good supply of hot chocolate, honey and toast!

    1. Thanks guys! We did have a bit of snow in the last few days - but nothing like what you guys get! I am going on a mission to take some pictures of snow drops (the flowers)...