Monday, December 2, 2013

The Abyss

Mama told me were going to a super cool new trail today! It is called The Abyss which sounds beary dramatic. We drove a bit and got out of the truck and found this sign... Huh? It says Extension Ridge - part of the Trans Canada Trail! Where's this Abyss thingie?

Mama said we had to hike for a bit... so off we went. Of course there was a steep set of stairs...

But also some better areas for a little bear to run and scamper...

Oh look!!! Maybe this is it??

It's just a small crack in the bedrock... Doesn't look beary Abyss-y to me!

Ah-hah... Mama says this is it!! Really...

Mama, that doesn't look much of an Abyss to me!! It's just a step-up in the rock...

But as we got closer... things got more interesting... ooohhh...

 Oh my goodness... it is an Abyss!! It's a big crack in the bedrock and goes way way down. Mama says it is an earthquake fissure and has been here for a beary long time. She would know because she studied rocks a long time ago... 

Isn't that cool! 

And from the other direction, you wouldn't even know it was there! I'm a little concerned that people could get lost in there... but it's a bit narrow for people. There is a rumour that once a dog fell into the Abyss but then it came out again a kilometer away near the river. Hmmm...

The fissure just disappears into the woods on either side... mysterious...

There are also little cracks around the big fissure... interesting. I wonder if any gnomes or trolls live down there!

And you can even see it from Google Satellite view!!

The walk was beary nice but then I heard something which frightened me a little bit!

Can you guess what that sound is??


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  2. Looks like a beary nice hike. Glad to hear you were careful near the abyss - I wouldn't want you to fall in and have to hike a Km in the abyss before you could get out (like the dog did). Not sure what is on the video, I hope it was a car on a gravel road and not gunshots.

  3. Yup, it's gunshots! But not scary ones. Turns out there is a military firing range across the valley. Whew! I think the abyss thingie is more dangerous...

  4. What an exciting hike Sandy. Be careful around that big abyss, we wouldn't want you to fall in. The video is also beary nice--that sound appears to us to be gunshots? That is beary scarey, cause we hope hunters are looking to hunt B _ _ _ S! Might be best to hide in your mom's backpack.